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Abdication of King Salman in Saudi Arabia

You mourn terrorism in NYC, Paris & Manchester, but not Mogadishu, Somalia

Breaking! Gladio B Assassinates Journalist With Car Bomb!


An investigative journalist was just assassinated in Malta with a car bomb. Media outlets are reporting this murder may be politically driven, and is only limited to Malta, but there is much more to this story as this journalist was getting too close to something much bigger, Operation Gladio B.

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Facebook and the US Government Are in a Race to Read Your Mind

Written by 
(ANTIMEDIA) – The government and private sector are working hard to figure out what’s on your mind. In fact, for the last decade, the Department of Defense has actually been developing a massive simulation for the purposes of predicting what you — and everyone around you — will do at any particular moment.
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While both the U.S. government and technology corporations have developed strategies for influencing human behavior and manipulating the masses with groupthink and propaganda, it would undoubtedly be far more efficient if they could directly intuit your thoughts and feelings. And that’s exactly what Facebook, and DARPA, the government agency responsible for developing military technology, claim to be working on a “brain-to-computer” interface capable of reading our thoughts.
Facebook announced in April that within the walls of its ominous Building 8, the home of the company’s R&D division, the company was working to create a brain-machine interface (BMI) that would allow users to communicate via a computer using only their thoughts. Hypothetically, this would include texting, typing, and other everyday functions.
Fact: People don't like using voice assistants in front of other people. Facebook: What if you could type from your brain?
It sounds impossible,” said Regina Dugan, who heads the Building 8 projects. “But it’s closer than you may realize.
Flash forward to last month, when Facebook finally released details regarding how they actually intend to carry out their tech-enabled telepathic plan. According to project head and neuroscientist Mark Chevillet, they will use a combination of diffuse optical tomography and artificial intelligence to gather information from the brain and interpret it. By casting infrared light on brain tissue, he stated at an MIT Media Lab conference, they will be able to study how light scatters and how the neurons are patterned.
Facebook is not alone in their pursuit. The government’s top-secret DARPA agency, which develops military technology, Elon Musk’s Neuralink, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Bryan Johnson, and Mary Louise Jepsen of Open Water are all openly trying to crack open the brain-machine interface industry. Scientists at Carnegie Mellon are also using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) machine and artificial intelligence deep learning algorithms to decode our thoughts.
The benefits, according to optimistic technologists, include treatments for physical disabilities and mental illnesses like PTSD and depression, as well as greatly enhanced online environments. Critics say the technology is invasive and creepy. After all, who’s to say that a BMI won’t lead to unprecedented internal surveillance and even a form of data mining based on collecting our inner thoughts and desires?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out. But there is one thing we know for sure: private companies and government agencies are expending tremendous resources to figure out how to read our minds. The prognosis for the future gets even weirder.

The Truth About Pet Cancer - Chapter 1 - The History of Animal Cancer


Despite every effort, pet cancer rates continue to rise. We asked WHY... The Truth About PET Cancer Miniseries is Now Playing right here:

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If you love your furry friends as much as we do, you won’t want
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As veterinarians race to find a cure... or a method of pet cancer prevention, new thinking has changed everything...

Follow our journey as we interview the top medical professionals and cancer research scientists to get The Truth About Pet Cancer.

Did you know…

- In the 1970’s Golden Retrievers won average would live to be
17 years old. NOW - they only 9 years.

- Just 50 years ago only 1 in 100 dogs got cancer. NOW, it’s 1 in 1.65 dogs that will be diagnosed with cancer. That’s 66% of all dogs.

- Cancer is the leading cause of death among cats


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One Bank's Shocking Warning: Central Banks Will Lead To "An Orgy Of Blood"

Whereas several years ago, forecasting that central banks would unleash wars, bloodshed and social conflict was considered so preposterous, it was relegated to the domain of fringe, tinfoil hat blogs, it has gradually been "normalized" as even the mainstream realized just how clueless the world's central planner truly are, and this scandalous topic has since migrated to the permitted list of items for discussion by respected, establishment institutions including banks and wealth managers, such as the UK's Clarmond Wealth.
Case in point, in the latest market comment note by Clarmond's Chris Andrew and Mustafa Zaidi, titled aptly enough "An Orgy of Blood" the duo warn, in no uncertain terms, that "central banks are currently furnishing the excess credit that, in the past, has been followed by an orgy of blood."
Below we repost the full Clarmond note which just a few short years ago would have prompted scandalous outrage across the "very serious people's" world of finance, and now is more or less considered common knowledge as to how "this" all ends, and hardly generates any reaction.
* * *
An Orgy of Blood (link)
The Bank of Japan’s current path provides an ominous reminder of a similar era 80 years ago. These policies, which are also being followed by the other world central banks, will lead to disaster.
“One man - one kill” railed Inoue Nissho, leader of the Ketsumeidan (the Blood Pledge Corps), a Japanese ultranationalist group of the 1930s committed to cleansing the country of ‘traitors’ - the leaders of business and government.
The first name on their death list was Inoue Junnosuke, a former Finance Minister, an austerity advocate and former governor of the Bank of Japan (BOJ); he was shot as he visited a nursery school. The next name was Dan Takuma, head of the Mitsui Group, the Japanese Goldman Sachs; he was shot in front of his office in the fashionable Nihonbashi district. Further attacks on the BOJ and Mitsubishi Bank followed but were unsuccessful. The “world of cosmopolitan finance had collided with nationalist resentment.” The liberal elite was stunned, unable to provide answers to the social turmoil of the time; and with the establishment paralyzed, the public began to sympathize with the killers’ aims.
Enter Finance Minister Takahashi Korekiyo. He placated the nationalists by championing massive deficit financing, via the BOJ, to pull Japan out of its economic morass. Japan’s economy soon embarked on a period of economic growth with stable prices, full employment and humming factories, an “economic nirvana.” Seven decades later these results were heralded a success by another central banker trying a similar trick - Ben Bernanke.
Korekiyo’s plan was to fund government spending by having the BOJ directly purchase all the government-issued bonds. The hope was that, when conditions and inflation improved, the bonds would be sold back into the market. Four years later, the BOJ’s balance sheet was 90% of GDP, and the economy (and for “economy” read military) was totally dependent on government spending financed by the BOJ.
As the first modest hint of inflation arrived Korekiyo attempted to sell government bonds publicly, but the auction failed. With this failure, it became clear that the bonds which had been stuffed onto the BOJ’s balance sheet could never be sold. Korekiyo’s struggle to ‘cut up the credit card culminated in him suffering a similar fate to Junnosuke and being cut up in an attack of army machetes. As the BOJ’s balance sheet crossed 100% of GDP, there could be no turning back, the road to conflict had been primed by the BOJ’s swollen balance sheet and the money that had flooded into the military.
A world at war?
The current Bank of Japan’s balance sheet has now again crossed that fabled 100% of GDP and it is getting close to owning 45% of outstanding government bonds. There is no end in sight with the BOJ buying $60 billion a month of government debt. At this current pace, the modern BOJ will by 2019 be the proud owner of 60% of the local bond market. There is no longer a market price for a Japanese Government Bond, it is an asset whose price is set by the BOJ. The key difference between today and the 1930s is that Japan now has an open capital account, therefore the only untethered market price is the currency. The Yen’s continued devaluation will be deep and comprehensive, while Japanese equities will continue to rise, adjusting to the currency loss.  

Develop The Mental Strength Of A Warrior Feat. Gregg Swanson - Truth Warrior Ep. 05


MP3 download: 

In this episode I chat with Gregg Swanson who is a leading mental strength coach, author, podcaster, and founder of the online training program: 
Develop The Mental Strength Of A Warrior which is used by athletes, martial artists, entrepreneurs etc. 

He tells a personal story of survival from an avalanche and shares his thoughts and expertise on personal development via the warrior ethos. We speak about mental, emotional, spiritual and physical strength, survival, martial arts, self defence and more. 

His website is:

Monday, October 16, 2017

Spinal Spirit Rider, Fetching technology, Ancestral Realm Archon, R- complex, Mayan Vision Serpent

Nova Caught in Action | ESO/VISTA

US Constitution & The Female Illuminati

I highly recommend to listen to this lecture
It is not available for free but worth it. Get ready for 7 hours and 45 min. of excellent research.

The Shift Pt 3-Rightful Ascension For All

Bill Blain: "This Time It Really Is Different! The Machines Have Taken Over And They Will Never Sell"

Submitted by Bill Blain of Mint Partners
Forget the Known Unknows, its the shocking surprises that are going to get us
“Bubbles don’t grow out of thin air, they have a solid basis in reality. But, reality is distorted by misconception..”
And it’s a bad start to the week as my Bloomberg obliquely gave the finger by refusing to log me on.
Markets don’t care about my travails. They continue on their unstoppable upward trajectory. (Remember that word – trajectory, often parabolic. Look it up.) Lots of folks warning about complacency, but markets pay no heed. They prefer the global unlimited growth vibe..
Now, I know I sound like a broken record with my boring repeated warnings the market has gone overly frothy. I could counter with arguments about low volatility and short-tops painting a weakening technical picture. I could make arguments about how the short-term and long term business cycles all converge on weak indicators – I could even give you a lengthy discussion on how the Kondratieff ultra-long cycle says “run-away!” I could refer to volume of money issues, or QE concerns. I could even point you to some astrological stuff… 
Or I could point out what a worrying place the markets are. After reading through all the news this morning it strikes me we’re in thrall to a host of known unknowns.
If you want to worry, then pick your choice: it’s a delightful smorgasbord of things to go bump from the anniversary of the Hurricane and Crash of 87, the right-wing in Austria, noise about Tax reform in the US, Norte Korea, Kurds vs Iraq/Turkey, Catalunya vs Spain, UK vs Everyone, Trump vs the Universe, and everything in between. (In my own case, tomorrow is exactly a year since the unpleasantness with my primary pump – just doesn’t feel like it’s going to be a lucky week!). 
These things we know, and can predict how toxic they might be. The market is shrugging most of them off.. confident they’ll be resolved in a less bad than the worse-case scenario. Why worry?
However, it’s the unknown unknowns, the shocking surprises, the Black Swans events, that catalyze the tipping point moments.
These moments of doubt create consequences that literally cascade through markets causing dislocation, uncertainty and discombobulation on the Grand Scale. Like the failure of a couple of structured debt product funds in 2007 exposing the fundamental weakness underlying Florida sub-prime lending triggering a shutdown in money markets causing the failure of a UK building society in Newcastle – look where that led! Or the dramatic bankruptcy of Orange County in 1994 and shocked realization treasurer Robert Citron had been dealing way out his depth, triggering a cascade of panic across markets as municipalities and banks tried to work out exposures.
It’s the cascade of unintended consequences that cause moments to spiral into doubt and panics to deepen into crashes – surprise and a desperate scramble to front run the consequences!
At this point, I’ll think I’ll give over the porridge to my colleague Steve Previs, who wrote this morning:
“The equity market has sucked in over $300 billion so far in 2017. And that’s just money that has gone into ETFs and passive index funds.

And everything, at the moment, is just great for investors as the market keeps going up. And the more the market goes up, the more confident investors become. Why heck, the market might just keep going up because there is no other place to put your money. Why would anyone want to sell?

You see, you probably don’t know this, but this time, it really is different! Forget about human nature. The algos, AI and the machines have taken over. They have been programmed to buy and buy and buy. And they will never sell.

So stocks can only go up, never down. This is the new paradigm so you better get used to it and hop on board this runaway express train that’s headed straight for Moneyville!

Ahem……if you really believe any of the rubbish above, we suggest you take two aspirins and lie down for a couple of hours. For we firmly believe that the longer the market continues it gravity defying rally, the more severe the eventual downturn will be.”  

Read more:

Earthquake Watch, Sugar and Cancer | S0 News Oct.16.2017

"We Microchip Dogs, So Why Not Athletes" - Olympics Suggest Implants To Prevent Doping

Companies in Scandinavia and the US have already embraced microchipping as a way to make the office experience more seamless by allowing employees to easily unlock doors or pay for food in the cafeteria.
Of course, while workers say they've welcomed the technology (one Russian hobbyist has reported self-implanted six microchips), and companies not to abuse the technology, the temptation to do so should make people nervous.
But the use of microchips in the workplace likely won’t be limited to corporate environments.Pretty soon, microchipping might become a common tool for monitoring professional and amateur athletes as sports leagues try to eradicate the use of banned performance-enhancing drugs.
At least that’s what recent remarks from Mike Miller, chief executive of the World Olympians Association, appeared to suggest. Speaking Tuesday to anti-doping leaders at a Westminster forum on integrity in sport, Miller said the Olympic Games should begin microchipping athletes to try and prevent the type of state-sponsored evasion of anti-doping rules purportedly organized by the Russian government ahead of the winter games in Sochi, theGuardian reported.
Because cheating is so widespread, Miller said such a radical approach is justified to help protect the integrity of the games. However, in what appears to be an ill-conceived attempt to preempt criticism, Miller clumsily compare human athletes to animals, saying that, since microchips are now being used to monitor pets, using them on humans wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.  
“Some people say we shouldn’t do this to people,” Miller said. “Well, we’re a nation of dog lovers, we’re prepared to chip our dogs and it doesn’t seem to harm them, so why aren’t we prepared to chip ourselves?”
The Olympics should act quickly to begin microchipping, Miller said because a breakthrough in the technology is on the horizon that could allow microchips into a potent tool for cheaters. For example, the chips could be used to determine when levels of banned substances in an athletes blood have returned to “normal” levels.
What about the invasion of privacy inherent in using microchips? Well, Miller has an answer for that, too, noting that sports are “a club and people don’t have to join…if they don’t want to.”

The Liberty of Iniquity and the Pending Birth of the Ages: Mysteries Unveiled


Warning: This video in part contains potentially disturbing specific prophetic insights as Received unto Lauda Leon regarding the United States and beyond.

What is LIBERTY?
"1. Freedom; exemption from extraneous control. The power of the will, in its moral freedom, to follow the dictates of its unrestricted choice, and to direct the external acts of the individual without restraint, coercion, or control from other persons" (Black's Law Dictionary).

In this presentation, we cover many areas of the events in motion- the 'great work' of iniquity, the mysteries connected to the Statue of Liberty, it's connection to cosmology, ancient deities and it's message as part of that great work of the ages by the architects who planted it, in stemming the branches of their grander plans within Revelation.

Correction: It was stated that Isis is symbolically holding the penis of Osiris, however to be precise, it is a penis she 'fashioned' herself, as it was the one piece of Osiris' body that she could not retrieve as the mythology exclaims.

Laura outlines her own meeting with the deities depicted in Egypt and her impressions. Is there connection to the 'bird god' Horus and the Blue Avian narrative? Plus more on earth changes and the call for greater Preparation as the stage is being set for some major moves.

*The material presented here is for purposes of Awareness, intended for the benefit of those seeking Truth, freedom, personal growth, and Spiritual Integration. 

All is produced to aid womanity to Re-Member and integrate their BEING unto the return to Sovereignty and true Emancipation. We are each in charge of our own Verses and therefore must take responsibility and become true Kreators, creating with LOVE and Heart by Spirit.

We as creators of this work, do not permit and apply Protections against any form of malevolent attack that attempts to undermine, subvert, harm or intend any strategy of harm or attack. Such will not be permitted to affect our Being, family members, colleagues, contributors upon this web site or any that have any connection to this channel and it's works created.

Therefore we terminate all contracts of agreements concluded by any and all parties first, second, third and so forth regarding ourselves and our creative works, on all levels micro and the macro and hereby return all liabilities and karmic implications to the contracting parties.

Any entity or group visiting this channel to partake in the information herein cannot use such to harm, or use it in any way for purposes of deception, ill, agreements of entrapment or snares of any kind against another entity. 

By entering our space, the information is and can only be applied to generate one's personal evolution, liberation and Activation through Righteous Being and Love via the One True Source of the Ultimate Creator of which we are part. I hold these terms and conditions as my statement of Law in Sovereign Will to be in effect on all levels, dimensions of time and cycles of time and integrate therein body, mind, soul, Spirit, Heart and All BEING. QUANTUM-LANGUAGE-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR Copyright©2017 Sovereign Ki

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Emergency Management Experts meet for Cascadia Subduction Zone Preparedness