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LMAO: Physicists assure us that we're not living in an alternate reality where Trump is president

This Reality is a Fallen Holographic Projection

Ego or Assistance

Do you want to be right, before anyone else, or do you want everyone to be on the same page?
This is the main issue with the current, urgent situation. Everyone has their moment of ego, the first one to give their pride away to service to the truth wins and there is limitless reward and benefit from the truth in this life.
This life is the life of all lives. Everyone that is alive now existed in the beginning of civilization through an unbroken string of lineage.

Unbroken Lineage, Soul Trading and Crimes Against Humanity

The operations taking place as part of the crimes against humanity are to swap those lines back and forth and essentially trade the souls of humans like chattel for profit and as bounty of war.
Those who research and keep their hearts pure and their minds clean will resist the defilement that can destroy a humans spiritual tie to the soul and thus the spiritual realms and their original identity here.

Genetic Harvesting

In short, there are genetic harvesting programs taking place which utilize the DNA of humans to generate created life forms which are the “false light” or fallen beings described in ancient texts. These are beings always present here without the corresponding higher dimensional counterpart to exist in the non-holographic realms outside of this fallen universe and these fallen timelines.
This all has to do with spiritual hierarchy and the ancient practice of fleecing the lamb for the spiritual energy which is then used for secondary purposes outside of the original blueprint for human spiritual development. That is, to have to take life in such a manner only reflects the potential uses of such energy later; ego, pleasure, pain, everything to do with this illusory world of polarity consciousness and perception which can be skewered. True knowledge is unadulterated, true awareness is pure and if tainted is obvious to the fact. For this we k is that the pure awareness that is not described through words and other conscious projections are our true, original existence while thoughts, belief systems, and polarity sourced perceptions are only as far as this holographically projected shadow universe.

The letting go of desires and implanted belief systems that are brought into arrangement externally through the hypnosis of the system is the releasing of the entanglement of this realm and the reigniting of the spiritual flame within. This is because this takes passion, courage, commitment, and is ultimately the most difficult path a being within this realm can take.

One will conclude that we are not actually entirely in this realm but only a portion of our overall awareness is here and in this way only an avatar like projection of what others who run this realm and the realm itself believes we are like can actually be present here. Knowing this is defeating the illusion and seeing beyond the barriers but the barriers are simultaneously being updated from our own perception.

Self Responsibility To Regain Control

Only in taking self responsibility and reaping what we’ve sown do we withdraw from the unconscious agreements to have our spiritual matters handled for us. However, there is a layer of deception for every truth we take on, for once one accepts their own self-responsibility they are met with projected illusions attempting to convince them to take the blame of others and accept guilt for the uncleanliness of this world.

We are in this realm but not of it and so we are not even responsible for the darkness that is present here. However we are responsible for our continuous works and the self-willed choices we produce.
If we simply begin to work within ourselves and those around us who are similarly focused then we can receive the truth.


Sevan Bomar On Gnostic Warrior Radio - Gnosis Of All the Incarnated Worlds

The Migrant Crisis: The Engineered Cultural War and the Destruction of Europe

11 benefits of lemon water you didn’t know about

About Belief Systems, CNS and the PNS

7 New Planets, Space Weather, Volcano | S0 News

UnSpun 019 – “MKULTRA: From the Frankfurt School to the AJC”

3 Secrets About Our Sun by Eric Dollard

The Destruction of False-Belief in Religion; the Apocalypse.

Beliefs are fuel for the higher-plane, so everyone is pumping their energy into a ‘belief’ plan.
Then, a secret is that those in power pump energy into a “Deus Ex Machina” essentially the belief in a God.

Those on Earth who do this through mainstream religion are actually worshiping the opposite of their chosen God. This is because all the power groups in the world have plans to reverse and expose all religions and to defile them.

Ultimately, the masses of all those connected sources, will reverse. They will all falter in belief. Then they will doubt and believe that it was all a lie. Largely this is true, in terms of the details that have been altered. The power groups put their “mark” on all of the public knowledge.

So, as a result, anyone still believing in these views in a “positive” light, will have no backing, they will simply be drawn down the drain, etherically, by the millions upon billions of people (and AI drones) that poured belief into the false versions and then followed the “leader” when all these false versions were shown to be false, in a massive, civilization-wide straw-man fiasco.

Thus, the power groups control their “entities” that they pump their belief into, as well as the other mainstream “entities” that may be empowered and pumped into as a result of the masses.
Only those who are not giving their energy to something that is corruptible, IE: anything outside of themselves, will actually continue to remain consciously after that event. That is the “Apocalypse” the end of days, the end of religion.

Those who empower themselves and those who pour their energy into a the One True Creator will not falter. The idea behind this is that those who truly know what they are believing, they did not place their belief in any object, any single event in history, or any single notion. They placed their belief all throughout their existence and their intentions behind every moment back this.
No matter what happens in this world, to these people, their etheric “emission” in the “higher-realm” will not be destroyed. Their emission will still exist because it’s not based on any preconceived belief, any kind of social presupposition, falsehoods, faulty facts, or any ANY kind of AUTHORITY OUTSIDE THEMSELVES.

To them, nothing can falter that and that will always remain true.
To everyone else, these power groups will take what these various people of the masses believe in, and they will openly corrupt and falsify these ideals. As a result, even if people still believe in those false-ideals, the mass trend of hundreds of millions of people viewing that as something negative will have this impact on the whole.

There is a “saving grace” or a “mass redemption” and that is when people admit that what they were believing in was false, and that this was not entirely illusion, but that they were associating the true nature of that belief with the false identity in the physical world.

In doing this, they can give up the false-idols and realize that they weren’t actually worshiping those false-hoods, but they were believing in and intending to live within the One True Creative Force and this is the TRUTH behind their intentions.

If this is accepted and acted upon then these people will still remain strong. But you see this is a test of faith and integrity, as those who simply went along with whatever others were doing, or what they were told to do, will not be able to convince themselves that they were actually believing in the one true creator after all, after all this damnation and false-hood is exposed.
That is the destruction of religion, the Apocalypse.

Some would say that this is the destruction of false-belief through the creation and destruction of religion.


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Vampires, Sacrifice and the Cult of the Bull

Masters of The Innerverse - Astral Quest

Didga Dreams BIG - Cats Amazing Trick Compilation

You are not going to Change the System from Within

MSNBC Anchor Admits "Our Job" Is To "Control Exactly What People Think"

Collective Experience, Techno-Parasitic Hive, Free-Will, The Future of Humanity

 21.02.2017Collective Experience, Global Mind, Techno-Parasitic Hive, Free-Will, Privacy, The Future of Humanity
(Please comment if the sound is too low for you)
Everything Will Be Public, Including Experiences

How Will One Cope With Knowing Each Other's Experiences?

http://theunveilingofthehiddenknowled... Chapters 1, 2 and 3 of =The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space program The Unveiling: Chapter 4 The Convolution of Time; A Preview of Phase-3 Disclosure Information, How the Secret Operations Have Altered History and Influenced Humanity: The Unveiling: Chapter 4 The Convolution of Time; A Preview of Phase-3 Disclosure Information, How the Secret Operations Have Altered History and Influenced Humanity:

We can generate a dialogue that is effective in communicating over this public forum of the internet.
The personal or private internet (people's information) is currently public to most with a low security clearance.
In the future all information on the internet today will be public to the population for research purposes. In the future the total information of the internet is public to most without a security clearance. Information is received when it doesn't kill a person to know.
This changes our ideals of privacy which have already been completely changed by technology. Events and spaces can be observed through a holographic and electronic monitoring system that is literally everywhere there are populations of people.
Earth is a computational environment similar to a holographic system
There is a global mind generated via the combined internets and the information systems.

Full Outline:

The Global Mind, The Hive and The Mind-Virus, Time Alteration, Consciousness and Changes of Society

The Archonic Template - Sevan Bomar - Astral Quest

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The Children of The Sun - Sevan Bomar -

UnSpun 016 – Jim Morrison and The Doors –

 Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin discuss Jim Morrison and The Doors, exposing the underlying intel operation.


Making Herbal MASTER TONIC " how to Cure Anything "cold cure

Controlling the Human Herd: Pastoralism and Social Engineering

We are not here to Wake up the Masses

Destroying the Illusion of History Pt. 2: You have no Constitutional Rights

Star Trek #2 - The Saturn Machine

The Spirit Worlds - Sevan Bomar - Astral Quest -

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Dolphins in Mythology and Science

Twin Flames - Its About Evolution-Good Bye Karma Beliefs

SpaceX Pushes Target Date for First Mars Mission to 2020

20.02.2017Check out the Full Original Article here...

Duncan OFinioan: Supernatural Eruption


Duncan O'Finioan returns for an update on the climate in the dark realms. Working with survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and others, beset with supernatural entity interference, he discusses the process as the rifts open on the Earth realm. The hidden wars, time stream manipulation, DWave computer and the Many Worlds theories of Hugh Everett; parallel universes; quantum computer "alien gods" and hyper-dimensional crystals; Atlantis as a future event that folds over into our past-present-future state; Duncan shows some of the tools of the trade; the CERN effect on reverberation of time warps; "Missing 411" connected to dimensional rifts open up in the natural earth portals; "three days of darkness" will be the complete tearing of the dimensional veil; "it's about to get worse"; politcal turmoil distractions; a separation of worlds; spiritual warfare in the trenches; 2017 is the year of polarity, the year of distraction; SRA healing and soul retrieval; entities as software programs running in the background; the conclusion is: You need to tune out the noise, and get tuned in to the inner realms.


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Azazel & Ishtar Sold Out Humanity

via ytCropper

Full video here:

Demi Gods, Angels & Activated Humans - Sevan Bomar - Astral Quest

A Consciousness Vampire Called Christianity


Vampires Of Consciousness - The Hidden Truth On Christianity
All credit goes to Dr. Phil Valentine

Occult Systems - Sevan Bomar - Astral Quest

Saved by the Sword: The Catholic Church’s Legacy of Torture, Bloodshed and Scandal


In this segment, Doug gives a basic overview of the sordid history of the church which he points out was built on blood and promulgated by the sword. He discusses the P2 scandal and a history of money laundering involving the Vatican Bank which he shows continues to the present day. He also mentions the ongoing and rampant child abuse and briefly shares his perspective on the difference between religion and spirituality. Some explicit language. All images contained herein are for educational purposes only in accordance with the Fair Use Act.

You want to Know God? - Feel & Heal your FUCKING SHADOW!

Reise ins wundersame UPIK Land BRD ( im Firmenregister )

Neutralizing Polarized Sexual Charge and Integrating Whole Body – Mind Generation Force

Neutralizing Polarized Sexual Charge and Integrating into a Whole Body – Mind Generation Force
The Awareness of Harmony and Disharmony
The Simplicity of Physical Self-Observation Leading to Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Self-Observation
The Lower Chakra Stimulation and the Perineum and Rectum
Squeezing the Perineum
The Importance of Muscular Integrity
Tightening The Dan Tien (Dan T’ian) (below the bellybutton, slightly above bladder)
The Potential For Injury or Preexisting Injury
The Importance of Breathing and Posture
Intentions and Distractions
The Mind Draws and Directs the Energy through “Mental Motion”
Two-Paths, Higher and Lower
Fear, The Catalyst and the Control System
Hell is Man-Made and Artificial (technologically sourced)
Spiritual and Sexual Trauma and Continued Abuse (self-induced)
Studies “Abroad”
The Use of A Spiritual-Martial Art to Preserve Energy, Sexual Energy, and to Enable Spiritual Activation and Protection
The Spiritual Arts
The Ultimate Goal

Why Eroding Beliefs is Important

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Love and Energy

What goes Unsaid: The Cognitive Bait and Switch

The Finders - Political Control & Pedophilia with Jon Rappoport


Presented with permission. Catherine Austin Fitts - The Solari Report

ASTRO-THEOLOGY 101: Christianity and the Astrological Nature of Jesus Christ!

Kurios (χύριος)= Lord = The SUN!




Cathy O'Brien MKULTRA Survivor
In this exhilarating and highly informative part 2 interview with MKULTRA Survivor Cathy O'Brien, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep into her CIA MKULTRA mind control programming and the methods employed to keep her in a robotic state in order to carry out top secret black budget missions and sexual favors to politicians against her will.

Project Monarch 
Cathy outlines some of her fascinating and disturbing experiences in the Project Monarch program and reveals how it targets young people through the music industry by creating zombified recording acts and electronic forms of brain entrainment via suggestion and hidden overtone harmonics that effect the brains neural pathways. 

CIA Mormons and the Osmonds
She describes how Senator George Romney, the father of Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, was involved and how the Monarch programming was deployed to help the Mormon Church gain acceptance in the 1970's through the music phenomena of the Osmonds and how other musical groups like the Jacksons were deeply involved as puppets of the program. 

She also reveals how high level figures like Senator Robert Byrd, who was Cathy's owner in the program and a strong mentor to Bill and Hillary Clinton, got her involved in drug running operations out of Mena Arkansas as a Sex Slave and Robotic Courier of implanted messages and sexual favors to the Criminal Political Figures involved.

Personal Battles
On a deeply personal note, she describes the bitter battle with the Justice Department to free her daughter from corrupt social services and how she feels now about her depraved father who sold her into the horrid MKULTRA mind control effort at an early age. Cathy's father is still alive today and protected from prosecution due to reasons of 'National Security."

The God Entity Scam Fake Ascension 1/2 ‎
George Kavasillas discusses the God Entity Scam, The Fractal Nature of the Universe, exposing the New Age Religion and the Fake Ascension. 
George's websites are: and
In part 2 George discusses Collapsing Dimensions, Artificial Intelligence and much more.

The Deep State's Dramatic Emergence Is Proof Our Elections Mean Nothing

The 4 D Artificial Light Matrix

The “4 dimensional artificial light” is literally the electromagnetic fields of information that is processed by supercomputer systems that manage the projected holographic over-mind of the false-matrix reality system.

People are “in” the “4d artificial light” of the “fallen sun/star” because this is just an imitation of the higher-dimensional source of mind that original awareness comes forth from, also known as the origin of Sophia or the wisdom of humanity and the true Earth.

This Earth is the “fallen” Earth, because this is all informationally contained within the range of the powerful scalar supercomputer generator systems which pulse out from underground and ‘space’ to interlace with the brains of humans to produce an interference pattern which encodes the original awareness of reality and self into a perceptual matrix that is organized according to the impulses and temporal structure of this system. That is literally the externally operated, internally synchronized ‘mind-clock’ of humanity that is entraining the mind to perceive this reality according to a set of specific broken laws or partial laws of physics that are non-congruent or imbalanced. The Phi ratio, the fibonacci, the metatronic fractal geometry, these are all ratios and patterns that extend outward and inward and end up deleting information as they expand into new layers.
Everyone has seen the fractal images that zoom in or out. Soon after beginning one layer will entirely disappear inside the center of the fractal or will expand outside the screen. Even if there was no screen, there would ultimately be some kind of limitation to the perceptual field. This is the holographic parameter system that blocks out the entirety of creation to design a labyrinth like construct which extends temporally and spacially endlessly in all directions. A soul in that labyrinth can wander endlessly without finding the destination because the destination is not physical, not linear, and not found by a single action but a specific set of actions which are attained like a secret or sacred key-code combination that is enacted and activates one’s internal passage way or DNA.

The Metatronic Grid, The Beast System

This deleted information is literally ‘eaten’ or ‘swallowed’ up by the beast system, this is a computational system that degrades the original quality of information in each successive layer until the original structures collapse. The structures are the electromagnetic alignment of the human soul. Only so much incongruence can be managed until the external distortions impress upon the energy within.

So the soul becomes a battery or generator through which the kind of ‘video game’ engine can be powered as the choices that one makes are constantly balanced against by the forces of this realm which are set against the odds of the original human creation and intention. Thus, each series of opportunities is silently also a plan to deceive and obstruct the souls journey back to wholeness.

Obstructing Wholeness

If wholeness is not reached, the identity is sacrificed and the original proportional angles of the natural congruence is brought into disharmony or chaos and this is the destruction of the original blueprint.

Nothing ever dies, however the illusory identity is what people are attached to. Thus, when they are so attached that they perceive the loss of that identity as ego ‘death’ instead of the completion of wholeness, they perceive spiritual chaos and damnation instead of the clarity of multi-dimensional experience. Fear and disorder is the foundation for this process while courage and harmony is the foundation for the return and the development of the soul-awareness and thus identity.
And remember, everything is harmonized. If nothing ever dies, then nothing ever truly lives. This is liberating, unless one is overcome with fear that they produced for themselves while turning away from their own self-responsibility in favor of the comfortable illusions that lead to self-annihilation (or the perception of which).

This is motivation to know where you are, to stand up and look around, to look up and reach for the Heavens so that the knowledge of the past and future can combine to create your non-local presence that allows you to effortlessly move beyond the bounds of holographic space and time.

The brain is one form of the adversary who takes many forms, many shapes, many illusions and roles. This is a filter for the true information that comes from spirit and this filter is modulated via a supercomputer system that extends from “space” and underground and has been modified to block out the higher information of all the other layers of existence that are occurring right now all around us.

Non-Holographically Contained Beings

There are many beings who participate in this. Some sweep up the floor behind the operations in non-local space and many people have stumbled upon this shocking truth of these inter-space custodians that consider humans to be a kind of factory farm animal.

Others are humans who have escaped the autonomy of the collective degradation and have accelerated their consciousness and spiritual energy to break free from the holographic consciousness of the brain and leave the physical dimension behind while taking their identity to the new perspective.

The Damned Collective

The entire collective is primarily infested and is being primarily degraded. People are the first and the last that will attempt to convince you to give up and join them. Fear motivates every action of the collective. This is sewn into the DNA of the majority and all who carry this mark will not pass on but will remain here for the collapse regardless of how or when that happens. There is no way to remove a person from the holographic realm when their consciousness is entangled with the construct and fear is a creation and fuel for this construct. To do so would rip the energetic structure in half.
There is no doubt about it, anyone who proclaims otherwise is deluded and pretending to live in a fantasy world while sacrificing the entirety of their existence in the real, non-holographic universe made not out of 4 D artificial light from a holographic bent-light matrix, but of liquid spiritual etheric light that flows between the body and mind to keep the body alive.

Spiritual Liquid Etheric Light

The more of this spiritual liquid light there is in a person, the more awareness they have of the surrounding universe, the non-holographic matrix, and the connectivity they can conduct between themselves and the real existence of pure knowledge without contrasting dualized thought-processes and holography. Thoughts are linear and binary and this is the source and relation to the conscious and subconscious mind, the experiencer and observer aspect, the foreground and the background, the higher and the lower, the right and the left, and the animal and the higher-being.

Merging Duality

Only by merging the duality to find the third path does one reach actual knowledge which is not a ‘path’ one walks long enough to reach a certain place, but simply a perspective they attain after choosing to maintain a selfless perspective which allows their energy body to gather enough liquid etheric light to create an ‘etheric double’ which then acts as an energetic carrier of the spiritual identity between the body in this holographic matrix and the real form in the non-holographic existence.

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WHO/WHAT Is In Our Skies, 2-17-2017 Sky Ocean? Interdimensional Water Elementals?


WHO/WHAT Is In Our Skies, 2-17-2017 Sky Ocean? Interdimensional Water Elementals? 

Last Saturday I sat with Chuck on the banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans. The first thing he asked after we sat down was, "What do you see up there?" Today, I photographed these...

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Climate Change Chemtrails Brought to You by UN/IPCC



The Vlash & AI


Full video here:

Elite Bloodline Ritual Abuse, Celebrities, Politicians and Presidents


Please share this. Research the videos I have released on YouTube under Aug Tellez, as well as the blog. James Casbolt, Max Spiers, Donald Marshall and others have all seen one or more parts of this. Casbolt also known as Michael Prince details the MILABs abuse and experimentation along with the late Max Spiers, Donald Marshall speaks out on the celebrity cloning, mind-control technology, ritual abuse and sacrifice and alien interactions in underground bases. Most everyone is given at least a slightly different story and experience however the truth can be found by research this information and cross-referencing against your own life-experiences.This is humanity’s time of resistance of oppression and acceptance of true spiritual power or submission to the closest thing to “absolute evil” the human mind can comprehend.

Full post:

First Chapters of =The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space program

The Unveiling: Chapter 4 The Convolution of Time; A Preview of Phase-3 Disclosure Information, How the Secret Operations Have Altered History and Influenced Humanity:

Dubai To Put Autonomous Taxi Drones In The Skies 'This Summer'


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Trump wants to go to space, Gingrich goes to Antarctica


Trump tells NASA to load up the Orion capsule with astronauts for a jaunt around the Moon... but that's not the story here: