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Chapter 4: The Convolution of Time; A Preview of Phase-3 Disclosure Information, How the Secret Operations Have Altered History and Influenced Humanity

Table of Contents
The Intentional Overload
How Long Can Spirit Be Contained?
Preface: Buckle Up, Don’t Look Back, Prepare for Change
Refining the Population
A Simulated Holographic Reality Controlled From Antarctica
Consciousness is Just the Surface
The Soul Aspect
In Simulation
Overcoming the Boundaries Through Cloning and Advanced Technology
The Difficulties of Operating Extra-Linearly
The Time-Gradient Shift
The Parasitic Genetic Degradation of Awareness Through Temporal Dislocation
Retrocausal Genetic Interference
Maintaining a Connection to The Future Transfer Devices
Manipulated Time, The Past Spawned by the Future
Blank Slate Technology – Consciousness Destabilization Shockwaves
The Higher Self and Higher Dimensional Beings in the True Reality
Release of Advanced Technology
Revealing the Ancient Illusion System (holding together the time-stream for those who don’t know)
Physical Beings are Higher-Dimensionally Sourced
The Best Inspiration
The Technology that Changes Everything
AI and the Power to do Anything
Life Before This Epoch
Death was Invented
Retro-Causal Temporal Manipulation
The Effects Always Have Been
The Other (active) Side of Infinity
The Future Effect on Society
Everyone Gets The Power
Entering Into Simulation
Fragmented Consciousness
Revealing Secret Operations
The Simulator or Organic Life
Ancient Genetic Recording Devices
Sending DNA to the Past
Restarting Civilization
Created Advanced Technology Devices which became and always were Ever-Present and a Part of This Reality
Creating Ever-Present Genetics and Beings
Adam Kadmon – First Humans, Sub-Species and Hyper-Evolved Species
Wars Between Races, Time-”Cheats” – Genetic Upgrades
The Resulting Convolution of the Time-Stream – Paradoxes
All Militarization Against Another is Force Used Against the Self
People are the Little G, “God” is the Big G
When the Future Spawns the Past and the Past Spawns the Present; Convoluted Time-Stream-Paradox
Solving the Paradox by Producing a Mirrored Simultaneous yet Equally Possible Reality, With Some Details Lost yet Enough Retained to Maintain Consistency of Soul and Memory (identity on the physical plane)
The Continuity of Soul Beyond Time
Simulated Realms and Holography
The God Device – Interacts with Souls – Saves Genetics from Absolute Termination – Also Became a Part of the Convolution However Acted as a Transitory Device to Retain Genetics and Transport to the Ultimate Timeline
The Lost-Starship and Civilizations
The “Destroyer”
The Zero-Point Sun
The Collapse or Zero-Point
Quantum Interference between Possible Realities
DNA as an Interdimensional Recording and Communications System
The Convergence of Multiple Possible Realities
Hyper-Accelerated Growth
The Development of Sub-Species and Races
Temporally Mobile Civilizations
The Cycles of Time and Consciousness
Repeating History
Revolution of DNA
The Temporal Non-Locality of Genetically and Dimensionally Expanded Races
The Inverted Nature of Temporal Non-Locality
The Local-Environment
All Game Players are Public, Those who Harassed, Those Who Were Harassed, Everyone’s on the Same Field
Inserted Harassment – Finding the Children
All Has Been Invented Already
More on Simulation and Genetics
Who Came First; Simulation or Reality
Cybernetic Universe or Organic Being?
Technology to Program on the Genetic Level – Back From the Future
Afterlife Genetic and Spiritual Programming
Programmers from the Future, Programming the Present
Non-Humans Disguised as Humans, Humans Disguised as Aliens (the Dark Faction)
The Message in the DNA
Some Attempted Solutions
The “Temporal Jump”
The Plasma Octopus – A City Sized Parasite
Back to the Present
The Genetic Backup
In the Future; The Great Knowing
Field Alignment Relates to Unlocking Genetic Memory
Solution: Neutralizing Polarity
In the Future…
The Internet is Forever
Those who participated in these events…
Consciousness is Recorded and “Open-Sourced”
The Convergence of the Separated Timelines
A Recap on Animalistic Behavior
The Main Idea – Consciousness and Awareness – Electromagnetism and Quantum Synchronization
How This Relates
DNA is Light
Consciousness and the Awareness of the Totality of Experience
Returning to the Plot
When One Reigns the other Falls
An Omniverse of Infinite Possibilities – The Power to Choose
An Interdimensional Midway
The Organization of Parallel Realities and the Use (abuse) of Advanced Technology
Back to the Infection
A Preview of Phase-3 Disclosure Information; How the Secret Operations of Have Changed History and Influenced Humanity

AnkerThe Intentional Overload

Everyone that can possibly know and assist is shown. The majority of the responses are an overload of the senses and the mind. A person is incapable of reasoning based on what they have witnessed. This is the exposure to the truth of this reality, the spiritual control system and the true nature of consciousness.
This is a spiritual system, a holographic universe. We are being tested and those who live for themselves and themselves alone are occupied and filled up with desire and limited self-awareness. Those who live in service to the one true creator and the assistance of humanity receive the protection and guidance from above and within themselves.
We are not the creators. We are creative beings. We did not create this place and the reality that is occurring is far too complex for one or many minds alone. This is only the work of a supreme being and all factions and groups know this.
Each has a different plan. They believe in polarization and that one will either evolve to a spiritually sound 5D state through negativity or through positivity. The dark factions, who are largely controlling this world, agree to use negativity because that is what they have identified with. They would like to polarized negatively and subjugate the world in doing so becoming immortal gods.
Do not confuse polarization in this spiritual sense with the polarization towards ideologies in society. Polarization of ideals are presented in a duality-mind game, these are certainties and absolutes that define control systems and mental classifications that are used to divide the population and the individual.
Polarization towards light or darkness is the game of the entire universe and the pattern that all sentient life follows towards either advancing consciousness into higher self-awareness or reducing into a collective hive that lacks individualization.
The negative is pulsed out by a computer system at the highest levels, because that is the automation, this is like a grinder or a recycling system. The positive is pulsed out by a living organic complex and this is like the heart of the universal mind. This is the birthing canal or the womb of the universe that brings all life forth.
The puppets of society know this game and have taken the techno-spiritual route. They choose to become cybernetic and allow a computer system to merge positive and negative for them and handle all incite and critical thinking until their individualism is reduced to nothing, then they become one with the collective hive.
The spiritualists will advance and become cosmic individuals who can continue learning, loving, and motivating others in a world that respects that. This process continues onward.
What you are about to read is mainly going to be confusing and shocking however this is just the result of the time distortions that have taken place and wrapped up this realm into a completely convoluted mess where no one knows their true origins or identity.
We are in a holographic reality (that is as real as we make it) and this place is used as a game-show for those in the know or a recruitment for those who are willing to assist in the healing.

AnkerHow Long Can Spirit Be Contained?

How long can this world be guided through the abuse of spirit, instead of being led by the guidance of spirit?
There is only so much that can go on before something has to give. This is the breaking point. Humanity must know, the future depends on this.

AnkerPreface: Buckle I’ll be running through this section so as to get this information out to the public quickly enough. There is really no way to explain this without showing the events directly using the technology and the knowledge. All the pieces of the puzzle are here before us the entire time. Half of this was to ‘take-over’ and the other half was to undo that because the stuff hit the fan pretty quickly to the point of literally being there before the fan was turned on.

This is going to read like nothing you’ve ever read before. All of this technology was invented and put to use.
Some factions believe that people must be tested and tried otherwise the civilization will fail as a result of a general decline in the development of the species. Once change stops, all the variables pretty much drop to zero after a period of time.

AnkerRefining the Population

Some of the methods of testing were to introduce war-machines, toxins, and parasites upon Earth, to attack the population and thereby cull the large numbers as well as refine them to only the strong. This is part of a genetic operation to develop a eugenics program as well as a spiritual battle and philosophy for existence.
Some believe they extend from the gods and each side has their own plan for the future based on their presence in history. These are the nations of old, the kings, the scientists, the rulers, the nomads, the cults, the tyrants, the bloodlines, so on and so forth. These are the ancients that have been around and have used the advanced technology and knowledge to place themselves throughout history in positions of power.
The elite have not yet involved themselves in this civilization, they were here in earlier times but left and will return soon.
Some say that this civilization must be “brought up to standards” by the time the true elite return otherwise we will see something that no movie has ever depicted. A true contact scenario that might entirely shock the world, literally half to death.
So there are scenarios, games, simulations, rogue factions, AI machines, robotoids, clones, reptoids, greys, chimera, interdimensional weapons, time shields, vortexes, stargates, and so many other elements that I will not be able to describe everything here even in the many pages holding what I write what is below.
I have put this information down in a manner that may not be easy to follow, however these events take place and one is brought through time to experience them and they must piece the information together. Thankfully, there are teams that can help people at the right time but we must do our best with whatever opportunities we have. Independence and self-awareness is sovereign.
Everything is monitored and there are rogue factions attempting to drive this world into the dust if they can’t devour everything themselves.

AnkerA Simulated Holographic Reality Controlled From Antarctica

As well, everyone also has concluded that this is a simulated reality, that waves of energy emanate from massive interdimensional generator devices that exist under the crust under Antarctica and can be influenced through advanced technology managed by advanced races. This technology can influence the minds of people across the civilization and that area is a time-locked, central nexus point for the realm and all times. This is the center of the toroid.
The waves emanate out and interfere with the scalar waves emitted by the mind and body and this produces a pattern much like sound vibrations reaching a metal plate that vibrates to shift particles of sand into a cymatic pattern or two laser beams interfering with one another to create a holographic image. Except the holographic image is literally the matter of this physical dimension ‘foaming’ out of the sub-space that exists where everything is literally simply waves of energy or “image” and we are literally simply avatars holding this particular idea. The spirit is the reality behind the image.
That is why they don’t feel that anyone actually ever dies, because one can simply use a device to reintegrate one’s ‘image’ back into an area and they can appear there again.
The main issues here are what happens when the dark factions gather one’s soul energy and this can be used then to maintain an active vibration of that energy in the universe and once this is done with that unique vibration the person can not appear anywhere else in existence, they are effectively trapped. So there is a faction that is doing this and they are attempting to gather as much of this soul energy as possible and this becomes like a powerful fuel source to them because the vibrations are continuing like a living essence in itself.

AnkerConsciousness is Just the Surface

Everything can be manipulated through this technology. The perception of time can be distorted, consciousness can be entangled with other space or other systems such as quantum computer systems or other living bodies.
Everything revolves around the basic idea that this entire universe, every aspect of it, can be produced through advanced technology and a living body. Once the two are in sync, an entire simulated realm, the experiences within can be recreated.

AnkerThe Soul Aspect

The soul is unique, this cannot be regenerated. A soul is unique because they are not created. A soul simply always is and always will be. However, there are ways to perceive that the soul is no longer in existence in some replicated or created beings. This, in my view, means that the soul energy has left this holographic universe. This also means that the soul is from outside the confines of this holographic universe and exists beyond the limitations of the physical universe and the physically referenced time of consciousness.

AnkerIn Simulation

This universe is essentially like a holographic simulation, just like a video game. However, there is a goal and there is also a way to get “kicked” from the server. If a person is kicked, then that means their player is lost to the universe for the rest of the game round and there is no way back. They haven’t “died” but they cannot return to pick up the game where they left off with the rest of the players at that time.
This has to do with the time scaling, causality, frame of reference, and temporal equilibrium. If you were to skip past the entire beginning of the billions of years the universe existed, just to jump back into position where you left off from before, how would the rest of the temporal stream seem by comparison? Time would forever be skewered into a distorted state. As well, there would be no way to “insert” back into that time, without having an ‘event’ to ‘cause’ that event and without slicing all the events of history to make room for that, it simply couldn’t happen. In other words, unless there was an already planned and designated event for reinsertion at that time it couldn’t be written into the universe because everything that will happen, in a way, has already happened according to a ‘plan’.
Then the frame of reference, the unique standpoint through which your physical and temporal body is positioned in the universe cannot be replaced. Once that is over and done with, then that’s that for this ‘cycle’ or round of the universal game. There is only one, of everything, and then there are a virtually infinite number of strange repetitions.
There are just a few ideas, but this should help clarify the idea that all these mechanisms and aspects of the universe were played with, experimented, bent, stretched, and rerouted to do what has been done. Basically, everything you can imagine can be done.

AnkerOvercoming the Boundaries Through Cloning and Advanced Technology

With that said, these events can be “faked” or worked around like technological loopholes, so that a person can be ‘reinserted’ (yes into the “matrix” may-tricks, maya grid, material universe) through cloning and consciousness transfer. However, when the soul of the individual cannot handle this, then they literally simply die. Then there are the parasite entities that have seemingly rooted themselves into the server system. So we get this age old, Demiurgic/demagogic, entity that seemingly eats up the consciousness that cannot maintain continuity during the early experiments. That’s pretty rough, however this is the truth about what happened.

AnkerThe Difficulties of Operating Extra-Linearly

Because of this nature of the universe to operate like a holographic simulation, a person can treat the parameters of the universe like elements of a computer system that can be controlled. For instance, time can be separated away from the collective realm through the generation of a time bubble. Because the flow of time will literally attribute to whatever inertial mass is being computed by the generator systems that are creating that bubble, a group can literally live for 100 or 1000 years within that bubble. Any of amount of time can be created, however, the more time, the more powerful the devices will have to be activated to generate that kind of distorting, dilating effect on the surrounding area. As well, the stronger the deviation, the more this will stress the mind. Basically, a “wall” of time will be built up that will eventually want to “fall over” like a water fall or a wave. As long as these devices are generated, creating such a bubble, the people within that area can exist for 1000 years, and then “pop” the bubble and only have been gone for a few moments or days relative local “Earth” time.
Again, such a transition would require heavy energy output. If the transition was smoother, over say a 10 hour build up and a 10 hour reintegration, there won’t be as much as a ‘water-fall’ of time, shockwave effect which will both require energy to smooth out as well as intense mental control to equalize.
The mental control is handled through devices that can stabilize the mind and stop the conscious perception of time from stretching out and distorting the viewer like a magnifying glass does light. When one’s literal field of awareness is passing through that magnifying effect, if they’re not prepared for that kind of shift, it literally feels like being stretched through a tube and pressed under a heavy roller like in a cartoon. The scalar devices can initialized a mind-link between the mind of the operatives and the device and this will stabilize the parameters of consciousness to keep them in check.
Another aspect of this is that if there is a split second where there is a transfer of consciousness, a teleportation between realms, how long does that split second of transfer last?
How long does the part last, where there is no reference because that is the part that moves through hyperspace, across spatiotemporal boundaries?
So the unbridled consciousness would perceive this simultaneously as 1 moment, and 1,000,000,000 moments altogether. There would be no way of referencing or keeping “together” in between those two moments of being materialized in one world referenced against Earth and one realm referenced or synchronized with something else another plane of reference altogether.
This literally caused people to instantly go insane in early experiments. The individual would blink their eyes and appear to be unconscious for a split second. For that person, millions of years would’ve passed and they would be uncontrollably insane and unwell afterwards. Of course, there are methods now of restabilizing consciousness even if such a mishap does occur, which doesn’t happen often, however there are many tests and conditioning where one purposely gets “dropped” into hyperspace. There are also tests where one gets dropped into simulated and real-time enemy combat zones and must evade and evacuate to survive.
So the idea here is that the machine can operate to stabilize consciousness and keep one steady so that doesn’t happen.
One issue was as follows.

AnkerThe Time-Gradient Shift

Essentially, when a person goes through an extended period of hyperspatial disconnection from this temporal frame of reference, they must strive to hold their awareness together in a state of harmony. This is like putting a piece of dough in a spin cycle on a spinning plate. When this is done at regular rates of acceleration, inertial mass or temporal reference, the dough spins and expands out. Now drop some food coloring in the right spots in different layers and you have a nice Indian mandala pattern that represents all the different layers of consciousness.
What happens when this happens for 10 weeks nonstop? Either the dough dries out and cracks up, or the all the coloring runs off, or it stretches out entirely too far and is misshapen and all unrecognizably out of proportion. So what would happen if this was done, instead of 10 weeks, but over the course of 30 seconds? Making all the revolutions that the dough would spin naturally over 10 weeks time in 30 seconds, the dough would instantly split apart spraying in all direction and ripping to shreds.
So this is the analogy of consciousness moving through a period of temporal acceleration like moving up a roller coaster or across the outer edge of a magnifying glass, and then into the interior part of the bubble. When this happens to such a degree that time is sped up or slowed down drastically, that inbetween point is as intense as climbing a “mountain” of time (or getting mowed over by a huge wave or waterfall).
Similarly, when consciousness is transferred from one plane of reference to the next, and there is that transitory period in between planes, this period lasts absolutely as long as the individual operating that consciousness attributes their awareness to each moment. Meaning you can guide yourself to stay in that realm by focusing down like a laser and experiencing 10,000,000 moments in the place of one. Or you can just kind of relax and zone out and get through in a few moments however it will still “seem” like it was a few weeks or months or even years, however there just won’t be 1,000,000 moments worth of individual, identifiable thoughts, ideas, and impressions to come out of that with.
Remember, everything is energy, but then this is all centering back in a body, yes? So of course, if you come out of zero-point with 1,000,000 referential thoughts, ideas, and impressions that must then get impressed back into the physical form, and your brain and body is not ready, then you are going to collapse and take a while to learn how to form complete sentences again. That is where the technology comes in to block out 99% of those millions of thoughts and leave the person which just what the physical body can handle.
Again, this is all through training and conditioning. The machines can work to stabilize, but the goal is not to rely on the machines unless they are to entirely take over your job as a conscious, self-aware entity in the future, which is not the case, at least not for everyone.
Some do want to head into automation, and others would like to reach higher self-awareness. Those are pretty much the two general trends of change taking place. Some are developing a higher capacity for extreme automation and collectivism and others are developing greater and greater self-awareness and individuality.
That is a little bit about how in depth the technology operates to enable and stabilize non-linear experiences and that is just training day one regarding temporal viewing and dislocation devices.
This is also a foray into something nicer, this is really all about the parasites and what happens next. Especially what happens when someone mishandles the equipment, which is really their own energies and awareness at this point.

AnkerThe Parasitic Genetic Degradation of Awareness Through Temporal Dislocation

When a person’s consciousness is stretched to the maximal limits, that dough spinning and beginning to tear in all direction situation, then the proportions shift. The literal electromagnetic forces of equilibrium between angles which generate the overall pattern of that mandala become ‘untied’ and the electromagnetic ‘web’ of interconnected energies begins to shift and shape shape.
This could literally be see as the pictures of mandalas that are formed from turning a depiction of the spiral of DNA lengthwise and looking directly through the tunnel. All the spirals combine to make a kaleidoscopic mandala pattern. When these move out of alignment, the actual shape and genetic make up of the being begins to shift. This is literally a phase-shift Fourier transform of the energetic construct which makes up the format that defines the parameters that the soul can interact through.
When this changes too far, the human soul can no longer occupy that vessel. This literally can happen just from the person going “too far” into time from the consciousness being stretched between planes through the use of these devices.
When this happens there are entities that occupy lower interdimensional fields around Earth. These are literally like insects that eat the dead and decaying miasma or raw psychic material that degrades and ‘drifts’ outward into those outer realms.
These entities collect and can possess the human form which is essentially a kind of shape-shift event that takes place through the information of the DNA ‘switching the channel’ from the human aspect into something else. Since this is a degradation effect, the spun, malformed pizza pie doesn’t turn into something ‘more advanced’ so then this is a sub-human result. The entity that appears on the other side is a degraded being that does not have the capacity to interact through the parameters that the human being can.
This is also related to the simulator technology that allows for accelerated viewing of conscious experiences and the perversions and depravity that resulted in the improper use of those with sexual addictions and deviancies.
In the resulting degraded being there is no higher awareness, no complex emotions, usually only carnal desires and cunning tact that can be used to obtain those desires which results from the motivation one would expect from having only the base level desires. Basically, instead of the whole ‘pyramid’ this results in the being moving from the equilateral congruence and geometry into just the base levels of complexity. These are the sub-human consciousness forms that have invaded this realm.
They say that these entities are just clever enough to realize this vulnerability as soon as the humans developed access to these advanced technologies. Some even say they pushed people towards this kind of tech, through coercion and deceptive false-promises, just so that they could abuse this opportunity later. Later for them would seem like “right-after” to them because they operate outside of the physical confines of our perception of time.
This kind of vulnerability is similar to when a person goes to sleep and is not quite out of their body, or into the dream state. This is the hypnagogic state and this is where people often experience the sleep paralysis which can be related to attacks in certain situations.
When this would occur through the use of viewing, travel, or feedback technology, this would take place through an over excitation of the fear-response. This would grow and instead of controlling this, the energy would become unsustainable and this would distort the whole construct of the consciousness by throwing the equilibrium off and the proportions would shift and the whole previously described malformation would occur. A person’s consciousness feeds back into this process to enable harmony and stabilization or to acceleration the distortion and lack of control and self-awareness.
These parasitic beings, operating through this effect have used human hosts to travel backwards and forwards through time to ‘sneak’ into various elements of society. This technology is limited to the bases, however there are natural vortex areas and natural feeding-frenzies that can be enacted which enable their transport across dimensional planes. These are certain rituals and events that act as temporary portals between the realms.

AnkerRetrocausal Genetic Interference

When this took place if this occurs all the way to the genetic level and there is an actual deformation of consciousness, the energetic construct and thus the genetics and DNA or soul level, this infection would retro-actively deform and effectively replace that person’s DNA backwards and forwards through time. The parasite would insert itself into their DNA and use the transdimensional properties of DNA to gain access to higher dimensional realms. The parasite is normally confined to the lower ‘astral’ plane which is a kind of technologically emitted and mapped existence.
They use the humans, that are then no longer humans, as hosts to carry their consciousness signal and transmit themselves into the higher planes which they are naturally locked out of.
When this occurs, it turns out that the individual was never human, they become once, forever and always one of these beings. The only way this can be reversed is if there is a kind of shield over the individual human before they enter this realm and there is technology that can heal or enable this shield retroactively in time. This is a bit confusing, yes.
This can be used to determine who and what beings, planes, and energies people are likely to connect with and act as conduits for.
The way we see time is reversed in the larger perspective. The beings that we become whether spiritually advanced or degraded are the ones who came “here” in the first place to spawn our particular instance of life on Earth. This is akin to a person’s “higher-self” operating in and out of time and merging with the physical body.
However they didn’t actually come from anywhere, the entire universe is right here dimensionally folded within itself.
The lower also cannot spawn the higher, this is impossible, and the information cannot be contained within, that would be like a water fall flowing upwards and this can occur with advanced technology but not in the natural original initial way of existence. The lower spawns the lower, and everything else is spawned by the higher races. The lower dimensional races could never actually take over the higher, that is impossible.
There is always an initial way that must come first before the secondary pathways occur. This is creation and the lower dimensional parasites lack the ability to create. They are largely considered ‘created beings’ meaning they did not exist forever. However the spiritual source of life exists forever and cannot be created, it simply always was, is and will be.

AnkerMaintaining a Connection to The Future Transfer Devices

With the invention of the computer systems that were capable of transmitting information in a faster than light manner, this literally opened up a connection to the future.
One might think once these devices are built, then we can look into the future. Not quite, that is another route. What happens is, once these devices are built, there is now a future pathway that can be used to send back information from the future to the present.
From that future perspective, it would be seen as sending back information, using faster than light computing technology, to the past to any time after these computer systems are built. Meaning, as soon as they are activated, messages will begin being received from some state in the future where it was deemed necessary to send back information.
This began the loop back situation. Imagine creating a box that is capable of beaming information in the form of energy backwards through time and showing messages on a screen to the past. As soon as you activated the device, there would be an imminent message about whatever was deemed important enough to violate time and send to the past. Sure enough, this is a warning about what is to come in the future.
However, how can this be? How can anything change? The past already occurred no? This event is what caused the message to be sent back in the first place, how could anything change that? And if the past had occurred, as it already did, then how would one operate in anyway from that future present and manipulate the past to produce a new situation? This simply can’t be done in the traditional way of viewing time as a linear format. Other methods were developed but let’s stay with the storyline.
So it was determined that messages were coming back from a future state and these were not distortions, glitches, or some kind of confusion. The technology worked and was operating as intended. However, what does this mean? What would happen? Were they to follow the instructions they received?
What would happen if they didn’t? So of course, everything that plays out is entirely mind boggling. For instance, If they didn’t follow the instructions, well, this was already known. Why? Because they were the one’s sending the messages to themselves! They knew they didn’t follow the first messages because they could remember back to when they received them, later on when they were sending them! So of course they sent back that initial message or two that was unsure. Then they realized they would have to prove a point. They mapped out a way to do this. They would send back information regarding an event that could be changed if there was enough forewarning to do this. They did this in a way so that the event would not be changed, but there would be enough information for those receiving to know that this would be possible.
This was all planned out and initiated from the future. In the future state, they sent these messages and of course, they remembered how in the past this is simply how everything played out. They received messages of events that were shocking and could be stopped yet hadn’t been. They received enough information to know that they could if they began following the instructions that they received.
So then, how does this play out? In the future, do they get the notion to change something, meet requirements for approval and then go ahead and change the past? No, of course, not, the past never changes (however there are other parallels, but these are entirely different stream-like universal layers). Everything else happens, there is planning, approval etc, however instead of something magically changing and everything is now different, they just look back to the past and go, “Oh yea that one time that one disastrous even almost occurred, now it makes sense how we got that message warning us to check this location” or “update this failsafe” or whatever the issue is and avoid catastrophe entirely. When you look back in time, having done all this, all you see is the same thing that was always there. You just realize now, this is where that information came from, this is how those events were avoided and how history was planned out in such a fashion. There is no changing the past, no retro-causality effect that makes any noticeable difference. The retro-causality is literally the path of history itself and it all, already happened, just as we witnessed that. Some things, literally, simply happen as the result of information from the future being sent to organize events so that the best possible outcome occurs and only those involved with the process are aware that this is happening.
Those directly involved receive the forewarning and messages, and later, they must get into the position where they send that information back to themselves or another group. There is high-level compartmentalization and need-to-know because otherwise everything would jumble up and nothing would end up organized but a colossal multidimensional mess.

AnkerManipulated Time, The Past Spawned by the Future

What happens when an entire series of events that occur in the past are actually organized by the future? How does this work? Can this make sense? Would the universe have to clean-sweep all of this and fix any paradoxes? The short answer is as long as the genetic and consciousness information from one plane of reference or temporal perspective is kept separated from another, then the time-”stream” can continue to flow effectively and orderly.
Consciousness is dependent on the surrounding temporal and electromagnetic frequencies which generate the experience of being in a body and being in a certain time and place. These frequencies, these variables are unique to that particular body of that particular time and place. This is part of how the conclusions of the simulation theory are born, however, common sense also determines the nature of reality as having been already recorded. If the person is an electrical being that is connected with and intimately intertwined with the impulses and stimuli that comes from all angles of the physical and electromagnetic fields in this realm, then how could one person disconnect from the location they are in here and connect with that of another time and location without having some kind of consciousness “vacuum” effect or stretching and warping the layers of time and reality that their consciousness is originally a part of? This can’t be done, well, it can, but at first that very warping effect of stretching the aspects of this reality that are entangled with that consciousness is the result. This is dangerous as the universe operates like a simulation system and so this would be akin to producing a continued lag glitch or some kind of conflict within the program.
When these kinds of mishaps, these misconstrued or miscomputed functions occur, the universe automatically sends out these shockwaves of resistance which literally attempt to bring all the layers that are shifting out of place, back into alignment with that overall original plan. If these are the layers of the consciousness that are gaining access to information regarding experiences which literally do not exist and have not be generated yet, then this very act of accessing that information will cause undulations in the overall field of consciousness in the universe and these waves go out and undulate around and then send shockwaves back that attempt to snap everything back into place.These have also been described as “background processing” units which are like semi-conscious entities that lack free-will and are only in existence to smooth out these errors. There are actually occult ways of conjuring these entities and programming them to do one’s bidding by manipulating the certain frequencies and situations and essentially “sicking” them onto people or situations like an attack dog.
On a side note, this can also be used as a kind of weapon because a person can be “popped up” into the air, if you will, of hyperspace by sending a powerful enough electromagnetic temporal shockwave in the direction of their consciousness using advanced technology. This is the “popping” or “snapping” effect which is actually a powerful method of containing people. This is like knocking a person out spiritually, instead of physically. Information will gather in a shockwave and render that person incapable of perceiving the immediate temporal environment as their mind struggles to ride that wave and avoid the crashing effect. A strong enough shockwave will literally pop that person out of a continuous stream of reality which has all kinds of detrimental effects that require recovering. They are surely out for the completion of whatever situation they were in the middle of. There are even some ‘shockwave’ ‘ray-gun’ like devices that can do a mild and localized effect simply through ultrasonics.
To continue, these shockwaves that develop from temporal paradoxes must be mitigated otherwise the end result is disastrous. Similar to seeing too much at once, or stretching the perception of the rate of experience through temporal dilation, the effect is that the person’s mind and memory becomes overloaded like a wave going around the surface of a pool until water begins to splash about and flow over. All the “excess” water, or information, has to go somewhere because there is no way to place it succinctly, so one ends up with all kinds of ripples and bubbles in their surface of their awareness like pockets of air underneath a sticker or window tint when poorly applied. And this can happen to an entire civilization.
These changes result in the destabilization of the integrity of the entire system and this is dangerous and the universe knows this. As a result, the natural effect, the tendency is for that information to splash around until it bounces “out” of the pool back into hyperspace and is lost to that consciousness, meaning the memories and causal influences are gone forever and erased from time.

AnkerBlank Slate Technology – Consciousness Destabilization Shockwaves

Later on, it was discovered, this effect was used to develop technology that relates to what is called the blank slate technology or consciousness manipulation and memory wiping technology. This can be used to create little pockets of this kind of shockwave energy which is literally just the universe trying to sort itself out, by inserting unintegrated information into the local time-stream of whatever individual is being targeted.
This causes the person’s memory and consciousness to literally short-circuit if they have not been through training and conditioning or had some kind of technology to record for them and remind them or stabilize those waves of energy in complete, harmonizes layers so that they don’t keep bouncing around and destabilizing the energetic construct of the mind.
The discoveries lead to the conclusion that this technology is actually used every time a person leaves this realm and their consciousness is exposed to something greater. Instead of being able to keep their memories, these shockwaves knock them off track and everything kind of capsizes in on itself. This conclusion developed into the full blown realization that this realm is entirely segregated from the original or whole experience of the universe and that we are literally in one of those time-dilation bubbles as an entire species having been cut off from our original memory and awareness of existence. Every time we leave this realm we are hit with shockwaves and magnifying effects so drastic that no one keeps their memory or remembers who they are in between visits. Some say that because of this, no one has actually survived leaving this realm.
All of this changes in this era, the entirety of the system has been discovered, or at least enough to know how badly people are being tricked, manipulated and spiritually contained as a kind of bio-battery mind-slave for those who use the awareness of this knowledge against the population.

AnkerThe Higher Self and Higher Dimensional Beings in the True Reality

Every spiritual being creates a higher counterpart on the outside of this realm, and this is the true self, the original self and the ‘progenitors’ as well as the ancestors as time is like a circle. Those who are adhering to withholding humanity are doing so to say they are helping people learn, however they are aligning themselves with those higher beings who are simply feeding on the suffering and ignorance.
Those who are aligning themselves with helping humanity heal and know are becoming and organizing in respect to those higher beings who respect and assist humanity in becoming the truer versions of themselves and participating in the role of creation.
There may be a limit to how degraded one can become, in reference to the organization structure of what life and knowledge is. However, there may literally be no limit to how knowledgeable, harmonized, self-aware and connected one can become in relation to the whole. This is not an never-ending maze in this regards, the maze is only one way. There is, however, a ceiling-less sky once we get out of the maze and this indicates a potential for growth and expansion that measures against the entirety of the universe as a reflection within each and every single source of awareness that seeks to know the self.
This true reality is beyond this bubble of time and space that we are seemingly limited within. One being can encompass the whole expanse through the spirit. The spirit is universal. There is but one cosmic spirit.

AnkerAnkerRelease of Advanced Technology

There will come a time when advanced technology is slowly released through a guided process where people can handle the information without completely losing track of themselves. With the change comes power and with the power comes the possibility to destroy or to create. Everything must take place in a controlled fashion otherwise reality will literally tear apart at the seams as has happened before.
The previous times, everything was kind of just ‘let out’ and as such things went downhill pretty quickly, if not at all if you read between the lines.
So this time around everything is occurring in a controlled manner and this is because even those who want to unleash the ultimate perversions and desires know not to play with fate otherwise we’ll all be looking at the awkward end of self-annihilation quantum-infinity for the better part of eternity, themselves included.

AnkerAnkerRevealing the Ancient Illusion System (holding together the time-stream for those who don’t know)

In ancient times holography was used to create the appearance of alien beings while scalar waves were used to transmutate the DNA into different levels of activation which enabled different capabilities and access to memories and levels of being.
Scalar waves were used in ancient times as part of a psychotronic psycho-spiritual warfare to subjugate human populations into worship through reverence or fear and these developed into the sacrificial rituals that are known today (or not).
Electromagnetic soul traps were devised through advanced electrogravitic craft to capture the soul energy of humans and stop them from leaving the plane. Earlier explanations are that this was done because those early groups didn’t know whether the souls were simply dissolving into the ether as a result of previous experimentation involving zero-point technology and the interaction with ‘stargates’ and ‘timegates’.

AnkerPhysical Beings are Higher-Dimensionally Sourced

Physical beings are from beyond the physical plane. That is, everything is performed here on the physical level. The games play out here, however the source of the information behind the experiences comes from higher-dimensional planes outside the confines of this universe. The computational parameters of information within this universe literally only exists as a substrate for the information that is being transcoded from higher planes outside of what we would consider a form of holography.

AnkerThe Best Inspiration

The best inspirational sources are often people who are conveniently close to us but aren’t actually connected or entangled. These are people we can learn from but are not so attached to that their faults rub off on us. People who marginally interact like this can have a true learning experience while learning is often degraded when people hang around and simply propagate the repeatedly copied commands of the general society.
This is happening for humanity, we will realize there are mentors here. These are beings from beyond the confines of this reality. The ones who are not trapped in the lower levels and who do not feed on the suffering of humans. These are beings who operate by seeing people learn and grow in a self-aware, harmonious, and spiritually balanced manner.

AnkerThe Technology that Changes Everything

AnkerAI and the Power to do Anything

The devices were invented which allowed one access to scalar fields through zero-point generators that produce a scalar-mind link between the mind of the operator and the device. The fields are capable of interacting with sub-atomic particles to the degree of developing concentrated tachyon fields that allow for transdimensional interaction.
The scalar energy and supercomputers allows for the recording and generation of any kind of biologically generated conscious experience and the powerful quantum supercomputers allow for a holographic replication of these experiences at will.
The torsion generators allow for the generation of intense fields which produce electromagnetic effects of distorting inertia and mass while producing a discharge effect.
This resulted in a device that one could ‘connect’ with that would be operated mentally, and could travel through time, interact with biological life by recording genetics and manipulating on a genetic level, interact with elements on an atomic and sub-atomic level and transmutate elements into one another by producing complex molecular structures in three-dimensional space.
So, they created “god” devices. These are the cause of all the issues that we are looking at today. They were used to disrupt history forwards and back, half from people simply looking at the ancient past to figure out where we came from, thus opening themselves for an experience of flipping the pages back far enough to literally land on the page they started, which was crazy-making in the process. Of course, they tried to change this and this is where the paradoxes were introduced. They also simply sought to place themselves as the progenitors. Everything happens for a reason, to change that, is not to change the reason, but to destroy the organization of reality.
These systems were set up and were ultimately used to wipe the memories of the early humans and psychotronically attack them until there were vulnerabilities opened up that allowed for the mutation of DNA by closing off activation layers and limiting access to memory, time, and many capabilities.

AnkerLife Before This Epoch

AnkerDeath was Invented

Thus, the weirdness begins. We were told that before these events, all calculations point to the concept that people simply didn’t die or lived a very long time. We were informed that humans did not experience biological death and that biological death was literally a function of these early operations to subdue the human race through such advanced technology that warped DNA and thus genetic memory to the point of introducing “time-released” diseases and suffering that simply wasn’t there before.
There are claims that death and disease is literally a new idea that was introduced to this realm as part of a method to enslave the human race.
The idea is the beings who did this had to figure out different ways to lower the frequency of the humans of that time until they could work out a method for reducing the amount of information that DNA could enable until people died naturally as a result. This sounds crazy, but the crazier part is that your DNA can be programmed to allow you to live for an indefinite period and that this won’t work without a balanced spiritual essence.
What they did was induce enough disharmonious frequencies that a fragmentation effect took place. Memory was fragmented, genetics, bloodlines, the spiritual nature of awareness was broken away from the physical body.
They couldn’t shut out the light altogether, that wouldn’t work. They could however hold the light back to the point of having it build up and then leaching in out in a way that they could control it. Thus we get a period of “life” and a period of “death”. In death everything that is held back from the life portion flows to the front of conscious experience and all of the other side of reality is comprehended. In life, all of this genetic memory, the background processing of information, the secret “operations” that are often called other planes, is all forgotten and the individual soul is whisked away to a section of history and land that they can live out a fairy tale reality of disbelief in. When we sleep we gain access to this information and this is presently removed from our conscious mind as part of the effects of these genetic distortions as well as huge technological systems which beam spiritually and mentally distorting energy waves onto the entire civilization. The moon is a carrier for one aspect of this system. Remember, space exists as the graphic user interface of this computational local-environment. Holography is the nature of this experience.
To have the ability to handle such a complex experience as life itself, without actually being able to stop from dying, is considered an absurdity by everyone involved in these operations. If you believe otherwise, then you believe the goal of life is to die, and the reason of death is life. Such sounds, literally absurd, however there is a good idea that there is a balance. There is always a balance, and this is true, however the reality between being corporeal and physical and being spiritual and interdimensional should not come with a stark separation between knowing and being ignorant or constant suffering and pain. There is an obvious split between the two realms and this is basically a sign of cosmic insanity. One side is always looking for the other, however there is one side that is trying to show itself and another side that is trying to look in the wrong places. That is the supra-conscious mind and the waking consciousness.
The idea is that there is a simulated technological immortality route and there is a spiritually advanced route through discipline and balance. When the spirit is in balance with the physical nature, life can achieve harmony and this literally resolves disease and suffering to the point where people are cosmic, spiritually powerful creative beings. This is not what we are seeing today on Earth with the most advanced use of modern technology, science and medicine in 3000 years. Why? Because all of that talk of advancement and self-awareness misguided, intentional delusion designed to starve the majority of humans to death physically and spiritually as well as producing the most spiritually powerful breeds by proving who is and who isn’t capable of keeping up and overcoming such a degraded and abusive system. This is one of the plans of the dark faction to produce a “godlike” race. They also believe that since this reality is holographic, it’s just a game and in the end, everything is restored.

AnkerRetro-Causal Temporal Manipulation

AnkerThe Effects Always Have Been

When they devised the device and programmed it to carry out these tasks, they knew this has already worked because these were simply the effects that have always been here.
Another explanation here is that they had a kooky idea in trying this, that they would ‘cause’ death and become the ‘progenitors’ of death, so that they may ‘overcome’ death in the future by undoing their actions thus unleashing humanity into a state of immortality. Strange stuff, it both worked for some, didn’t work for everyone and nearly destroyed the universe. We’ll just say it worked…
Apparently this time around is the one where everyone gets a chance. This doesn’t mean everyone will make use of that opportunity.

AnkerThe Other (active) Side of Infinity

The results of all of this is that humanity was split into two portions of awareness. One of spiritual awareness and one physical consciousness. When the two are recombined the multidimensional aspects of existence return and the physical plane can be experienced in a more fulfilling glory. However, until then, everything is caught in a cycle of duality which leads to repetition which is a result of a continuous generation of polarization patterns which lead to epochs which lead to ages of knowledge and ignorance and the cycle continues.
These are the cycles of civilization, the rise and fall of awareness and as well the stark split between the conscious and supra-conscious mind.

AnkerThe Future Effect on Society

AnkerEveryone Gets The Power

This is also related to when this technology and power is released to the entire population and thus the people that would abuse it to disrupt themselves to do so and those that become exalted do so as well.
This aspect is related to how no one on the physical plane is purely from the physical plane, that a soul is higher-dimensional and all the original physical beings carried souls as a result of incarnating into the physical plane.
So people don’t become something new, they become what they always were and have been in order to come here and be what they are in the first place. They (the dark faction) believe accelerating this process isn’t harming people, they are simply revealing the truth behind the origins of people and the true nature of who is spiritually sound and who is not. They also say they are controlling and containing them and seemingly protecting the world in doing so.
Some people just happened to be sub-human parasites. Others are literally carrying god-genes in the flesh.

AnkerEntering Into Simulation

For the first 6 cycles, those with access to the advanced technology saved themselves by transferring themselves into the simulated realities to avoid destruction and retain their memory while the previously described devices sent human DNA into the past for reintegration and a literal ‘restarting’ of civilization.
Thus, they regained all their memory, however their spiritual light degraded and they became insufficient conductors for this energy requiring technology and elements like gold (monoatomic) to maintain connection with their ‘soul’ level. This introduced vampirism, cannibalism, perversion and other activities which was a result of the degraded conductivity of the DNA that had passed through this ‘copy’ machine process of transferring consciousness between planes. This was because the people chose to stay awake and aware, however they lacked the spiritual maturity and learned the more difficult route and this distorted their self-image along with their overall spiritual energies.
Quarrels and general despotism was the reason for securing their place and their place alone while the rest of society stayed on the physical plane. There are some explanations that this was why the moon was generated to act as a recycling plant so that those souls on the planet would be recycled while the others went into the underground chambers and simulated societies and remained there for a period while the rest of the population slowly regenerated itself so the process can continue. They call themselves the masters of civilization because of this. The “ancients” and the knowledge keepers.
However, again, everything that happened “happened for a reason”. What this really means is that everything that happened is the reason for the way things are today.
Those who were forced to face destruction and be reborn organically and go through the years of development the natural way developed a higher level of spiritual awareness while the others lived in the simulated reality and ‘popped out’ to rule over humanity once humanity was sufficiently developed again.
Those who stayed in the simulators spiritually degraded but grew more intellectually adapted and technologically minded. These are the people who returned to the surface to reintroduce business, religion, finances, and all kinds studies that they already had anyway.
The people who stayed behind on Earth, those were the people who developed the spiritually awakened paths that can provide a balance to the misuse of technology.
The two are a balance when combined and pure chaos when left in at odds with each other. When combined, the key to unlocking humanities spiritual power is again found and known by the public.

AnkerFragmented Consciousness

The simulated realities as well as the continuing cycles of destruction and recreation of civilization also resulted in fragmenting consciousness for both sides. The genetic memory that is held in the DNA and connecting together the previous proximal turns of history were beginning to fragment to the point of completely fracturing away from the core entirely. If this occurred, there would be no recollection, no return to wholeness, but simply a fading away and burning out until there is nothing left.
Many operations and methods were employed to stop this from occurring and both sides knew this is something that should be avoided because even those who want to rule would end up losing their power and their right to rule if this finally occurred.
This whole story and the story that is about to come took place on my different layers simultaneously through multiple different storylines all representing the same information.

AnkerAnkerRevealing Secret Operations

There will come a time when the secret operations will be unveiled for the public to see. For now, the phase 1 and 2 activity is the majority of the information of the unveiling and this will continue so as to prepare those who are ready to ignore the ego-mind and rise above. Those who will still play the ego-games, well, that is why the ego games are there, because how else would you know otherwise? How else would you know who is ready to let go of the BS and who is ready to move on, without having the BS?
So we have the next best thing. Completely harmless BS where the ego-games and the idea of ‘loss of control’ is explored and projected down for the people to scavenge over. This is “for national security” so as to find those who will be able to hold the civilization together and now that this has been secured, the charades are over.
However, the charades have continued as if they have a life of their own. It seems the major players didn’t like to accept the knowledge that their job as ‘overlord’ is literally just a show. All of this is being taken into consideration because of course the real shift relies on the people to accept change and so very obviously these (false, although very real at the same time) ‘overlords’ set out to ensure that humanity is the least prepared overall to handle the truth of this information. The truth that society has been held back as a means of a containment system to find the truth regarding the spiritual power of each race, as well as part of a control system that has grown so wildly out of control that it is threatening the very balance of life in the universe altogether.

AnkerThe Simulator or Organic Life

Could this reality be initiated as a simulation operated by a technologically advanced parallels version of humanity? More on this in a few…


There are ‘living starships’ that are capable of carrying the genetic information of the living beings on board and securing or stabilizing them while projecting an internal holographic environment through which physical interactions can occur.
There is also a crew of interdimensional “pirates” that have the habit of stealing starships by incapacitating the crew and stowing away on board after installing parasitic AI reptiloid hosts in the control systems. Read up on James Casbolt (Michael Prince) for more information on that ball of shit that almost got everybody in the universe killed. That’s not many people compared to the larger picture, but still, that’s important. Even if other universe exist just like this one in the event that this one is destroyed, who wants to say they were part of what happened when everything in existence here collapsed into zero-point?

AnkerAncient Genetic Recording Devices

These devices were both found and invented. This civilization deployed their own based on the descriptions of devices found and recorded by ancient civilizations and by previous nations in history.
During WWII the nations combined their efforts and realized they had all been searching for the same technology. It turns out, once they created that technology and sent it off in time, they would then find the technology they had been searching for and finding the blueprints and evidence of all over.

AnkerSending DNA to the Past

There is another device that was designed that would be capable of sending DNA to the past in case of an event where the survival of humanity was not likely. As well, there were dangers to the degree where DNA can unzip like a kind of chemical reaction and throughout civilization all the events of history can be undone as if they never existed.
This device was capable of securely transferring seed genetics to a safe-location in history and depositing them.

AnkerRestarting Civilization

A series of “contingency” plans were enacted that would be able to ensure the continuity of civilization had things gone awry. These were a series of autonomous events that would occur once a system failure was realized. All of this was handled through advanced technology that was developed from viewing and traveling back and forth through time.

AnkerCreated Advanced Technology Devices which became and always were Ever-Present and a Part of This Reality

Here is the paradox with quantum interpolation of events. As soon as the technology which could influence time was developed, this was realized as the technology that was undoubtedly used to influence time to get us here in the first place.
As soon as the devices which interacted with the past were developed, they noticed that these devices matched the signs of interaction and evidence of advanced technology that had been found in ancient history.
Every change that occurs and appears to have retro-causal effects, really hasn’t changed anything but only became a portion of the universe that had already always been that way. This is confusing, however this is part of the reason why the conclusions were reached that this is a simulated realm and that this timeline is not the first or “original” go-around.

AnkerCreating Ever-Present Genetics and Beings

Similarly, beings were created through genetic engineering. These beings were entered into time. These beings matched the signs and evidence of ancient beings having been inserted into time. This is connected to the mystical beings that are called “chimera” in other times. These beings were created and they were implanted into time to have an effect on the native civilizations.
These are also not temporally stabilized thus they have to go underground otherwise they would literally “disappear” because of over-lapping temporal frequencies. In other words, if they are present here in a pattern of history where they “couldn’t be” because this would disrupt their eventual creation, then they must ‘phase-out’ of this realm. Going underground is enough to produce a viable difference between the two civilizations so that two ‘realms’ were formed. Realms are formed through a collective generation of experience of organisms in the same plane.
So these created beings were sent back through time, using a device that could only send back genetic information as encoded light frequencies. These then grew to become their own civilization and thus two realms were formed in history. One is above ground and one is below.

AnkerAdam Kadmon – First Humans, Sub-Species and Hyper-Evolved Species

This will be covered more in depth later. The idea here is that the original species was a combination that transcends polarized nature. Either machine or human, spiritual being or entirely physical. There may be more than one reference of this kind of source of being. Some may say their Adam Kadmon is a spiritual organic source, others may say theirs is a bio-technological being. Both agree this is possibly the same being seen from a different perspective.

AnkerWars Between Races, Time-”Cheats” – Genetic Upgrades

Basically we are in a period where all the advances that are to take place will and are taking place so as to quickly bounce whoever is going to end up on top, on top, and the rest will fall in line behind them as the results of that original progeny. All the dark operations are initially to find these progenous lines and then to replace them by whatever means necessary.
When it was discovered that by destroying these original bloodlines, they would be destroying the entirety of the civilization, they had to retrace their steps and this is the reason that this information is coming to the public now.

AnkerThe Resulting Convolution of the Time-Stream – Paradoxes

Genetics were not only sent into the far past as non-humanoid entities. Genetics of humans were sent into the recent past so as to give their bloodline a “boost” ahead of the rest of humanity. This caused major paradoxes and in short, almost entirely destroyed the universe.
This is being sorted as we speak and in turn, those who don’t allow rights to be righted are pressed against by the forces of nature which seek to organize time into a fluent stream.
Time is organized not by money or power, but by knowledge and care because that is how spirit is centered and that spirit is the empowerment that enables this civilization to prosper as that spiritual force is higher dimensional and the higher-dimensional complexity of nature is what allows the lower dimensions to exist. That is, the outside of time, enables the interior to occur, without such a backdrop, there could be no internal projection to play out.
So time can be convoluted, but not to the point where the initial act of what initiated time to begin with becomes convoluted. Just to the point where the identity of those intending to make changes of a certain frequency base and intentional format are replaced by something more efficient and mature.
Every lower-dimensional power structure is inefficient and designed to as part of a ‘body’ of a parasitic interdimensional organism which creates broken fragments of consciousness to parasite off of. The original form is of whole centralized, concentric layers of self-awareness, consciousness, and awareness, instead of broken fragments. The broken fragment format we have been experience in this turn of history is literally from being swallowed up within the belly of a large interdimensional monster that parasites on source consciousness beings (beings who carry the “God” particle or the imprint of the entire universe in themselves) in order to sustain itself. This is simply what lurks in the interdimensional dark waters and yes, humanity is ‘lost at sea’ and some have been ‘marooned’ at various ‘temporal islands’ throughout this section of the dark-ocean.

AnkerAll Militarization Against Another is Force Used Against the Self

There is but one true self. This is both specific, general, local, personal, and collective. If we fight each other, we are fighting with the entirety of our being, our organism, our “God”. When we fight each other, we are literally fighting with ourselves. Some believe each race has a unique “God”.
The parasite, which is a large organism which sough to infect the individual little organisms, enables people to fight against themselves so as to provide the parasite the required energy through the excessive bleeding out of energies and causal/temporal triggers in history to allow it to continue to insert itself into time and replay the same events over and over again. This is the time virus, which is an extension and the reality behind the mind virus.
The mind virus is a sign that the time virus has been utilizing consciousness to insert itself into temporal localities by introducing fundamental turning points via temptation to lower emotional magnetic behavior. Basically, the entity can use its mind to beam scalar energies into Earth and get people to participate in lower vibrational interactions which allow the entity to sustain itself and simultaneously open up more possibilities where further interactions can be enabled in the future until the only variables that are present on the surface are literally based upon the entity, interacting with itself, through the destruction of the original organism.

AnkerPeople are the Little G, “God” is the Big G

Just as you are a section of awareness, a collection of realities and memories there is a larger organism that you compose and that larger knowing, the larger collection is the “God” of you. This parasitic entity is basically a “false”-god as this entity operates from a higher-dimensional plane, in and out of time, interacting through smaller portions just like humanity, however this entity must subdue and hybridized smaller already existing organisms in order to interact on this plane. Without this, there is no pathway. Thus, this is a mind virus, a time virus that must open up temporal pathways by introducing causal reference points from which to “write” itself into the storyline of time and basically attempt to write over the original information that was there.
This operates like a virus, hopping from timeline to timeline, host to host.

AnkerWhen the Future Spawns the Past and the Past Spawns the Present; Convoluted Time-Stream-Paradox

AnkerSolving the Paradox by Producing a Mirrored Simultaneous yet Equally Possible Reality, With Some Details Lost yet Enough Retained to Maintain Consistency of Soul and Memory (identity on the physical plane)

This one is a bit more complex. So, as a result of the previously (or is that part later on?) described temporal paradoxes, instead of erasing the entire stretch of history and starting over (happened 6 times already) they realized the solution was to set up an alternate stream of history with everything the same but all the parts missing that must be removed to avoid the mishaps that were occurring in the previous parts.
This was difficult, and it took a while, but the entire timeline of history has been rewritten from the ground up.
Sure enough, this project began before it was realized that hyperdimensional beings were controlling our trajectory through time.

AnkerThe Continuity of Soul Beyond Time

The soul is the hyperdimensional, higher dimensional energy that allows the consciousness of the ‘small being’ in what is known in earlier times as the ‘small cycle’ of time to exist. The soul exists outside of the physical plane of generated holography as a bridge between the spiritual natures and the physical identity.
This is similar to the concept of the concentric layers of being known as self-awareness, then consciousness, then awareness. Self-awareness is through the combination of consciousness and awareness. When all levels are mastered, then all can be achieved at will and self-awareness will not require consciousness. Until there is mastery, self-awareness will blink in and out like a glimpse of wakefulness in between night and day.

AnkerSimulated Realms and Holography

The plane we are interacting through right now (aside from the obvious computational elements) could be described as a form of simulation by holography.
So then, we can generate simulated holographic realms via powerful quantum computing systems.
How do we know this is not that, in a larger version?
In looking through time as well as generating a supercomputer system that could “test reality (to observe when no one was looking, what a good idea!) this exactly what was concluded. There are too many glitches, too many computational errors (the boundaries of the formatting code and the parameter controls) which are literally tell-tale signs that everything is being managed by a large interdimensional supercomputer system.
Now the important question here is, who built this system and how much of this has to do with the brain itself? Both the answers of this go in and out of this world in ways people can not yet imagine except through tv shows, movies, books and dreams.

AnkerThe God Device – Interacts with Souls – Saves Genetics from Absolute Termination – Also Became a Part of the Convolution However Acted as a Transitory Device to Retain Genetics and Transport to the Ultimate Timeline

This one, well the heading pretty much explains everything. This is the device which is capable of tapping into the sub-quantum space between spaces and power itself indefinitely while retaining genetic information and a recording of history throughout time.
This device seemingly projected history and consciousness into this universe as a kind of ‘back-up’ copy of the original. How and why this occurred is a bit more complicated to explain.
This device performs the ultimate task of “saving” genetics when the timeline collapses and transports them to the next viable timeline.

AnkerThe Lost-Starship and Civilizations

This one might take another section or two to come back around… There are “cosmic pirates”…these starships have been around since the beginning of civilization, watching and waiting…protecting. The parasites goal is to hijack these ships and gain access to “Heaven” by hiding within the ships drive engines which are like cosmic brains.

AnkerThe “Destroyer”

So there is similarly, just to keep things even, a ‘destroyer’ device that was invented. Why? Well, when dealing with a device that could reproduce genetics and power itself indefinitely, a faction felt it would pretty much be necessary to also create a device that could wipe out entire timelines.
This device, sure enough came into play, when it was deployed to stop the previous device from overwriting the known history and possibly knocking out the dark factions (or the entirety of the species). Of course, this was concluded to work, because everything is still here, however it was also concluded as not having worked, because no one remembers how we got here. Thus this is the previous turn of history that resulted in this universe and delivered humans to this timeline.

AnkerThe Zero-Point Sun

It was said the sun was targeted with this weaponry to instigate a response which would clear the area of the these nano-bots. A weapon that dissolves matter and energy on a quantum level was fired into the sun and would take a matter of years to invert the energy…

AnkerThe Collapse or Zero-Point

Thus, the conclusion that there was a zero-point collapse that was initiated by this device creating a quantum paradox through a convolution of genetics and temporal frames of reference. This is akin to a singularity that grew to envelop the entire civilization.
This is highly confusing, however, that is exactly the nature of the occurrence. A polarization event occurs where memory and consciousness inverts itself via the magnetic fluctuations of this local area.

AnkerQuantum Interference between Possible Realities

The interference between realities, the possibilities of what could be and how they extend from what has been into what will be became highly unstable as a result of these experiments of viewing forwards and backwards through time and passing genetics back and forth in efforts to find the progenitor races and replace them in time.
It was as if the universe itself became confused as to which reality humanity belongs to and how that timeline exists. There were too many alterations.
Something had to happen, somewhere, some how, at some time. Of course, if what ended up happening was too convoluted, too complex, and too imbalanced to make sense according to the rest of the flow of history, this would all just be lost to the higher-dimensions.

AnkerDNA as an Interdimensional Recording and Communications System

DNA allows the experiences that we are not capable of keeping track of consciously, due to these convoluted streams of occurrences, to be recorded and accessed later. Through the DNA all the experiences of all the possible realities and all the parallel streams that have been quantum collapsed out of view can be reaccessed and the true history can be understood. This is also why DNA was sought after and attacked with genetics warping devices because these power groups sought to find the true history of Earth and this information is kept within the DNA of the progenitor races.
By warping the DNA they could cut these original beings off from their power and the truth and in turn present themselves as the techno-god saviors of humanity. They will have some explaining to do, however they will most likely try to paint the events in their own favor whether that is true or not. The genetic signature will tell the truth behind intentions, regardless. People and beings are either spiritual vampires or not.

AnkerThe Convergence of Multiple Possible Realities

As these events progressed, we experienced a simultaneous series of collapsing of possibilities into present realities and this is experienced as time by the rest of civilization. Through those in these operations they were literally traveling between planes of realities using advanced hyper-dimensional craft. In doing so events were being navigated and affected through observation because the information that was observed was simultaneously transmitted back to Earth at different points in history. The events of those travels changed history along the path of their trajectory through hyperspace through the act of observation and entanglement.

AnkerHyper-Accelerated Growth

Beings on the crafts that were not properly shielded experienced exposure to radioactive energies which caused a mutation of DNA. For some, this caused hyper-accelerated spiritual advancement.
For others, this caused extreme degradation. This all depended on the energy of the beings and their intentions and tendencies to either degrade into disharmony and vampirism or to collect into harmony, wholeness, and self-awareness.

AnkerThe Development of Sub-Species and Races

Part of this is tied together with the simultaneous de-evolution of humans into sub-species which are presented as the ‘forerunners’ of society, the progenitors of the current day bloodlines as well as the “future” forms after this technology is released to the general public and everyone is exposed.
When everyone is exposed, those who have the tendency of carrying the chaos energy and subverting into sub-humans will do so and those who have the tendency to produce harmony and spiritually evolve will do so and this will occur at a hyper-accelerated rate which is beginning to take place now.

AnkerTemporally Mobile Civilizations

As a result of these initial developments and travels breakaway civilizations formed who positioned themselves effectively “before” and “after” both the forming of themselves as well as the entire civilization of humanity.

AnkerThe Cycles of Time and Consciousness

These civilizations can observe how there are continuous and repetitious cycles of consciousness which ebb and flow and as these cycles change the dominant species on Earth does as well.

AnkerRepeating History

History is the containment of all the possible realities and probabilities. There is a collection of times that contains all of this and this occurs over and over. People can make little differences here and there, but generally society goes the same direction, people spiritually go the same direction and every simply repeats what they did the first time, in as lightly different way. There is some difference however and that is a general trend in one direction or the other. Those who devolve and degrade into the sub-humans and those who evolve and become the spiritually advanced beings that are necessary to guide civilization.

AnkerRevolution of DNA

DNA itself is a kind of spiral twisted encoding of light information which carries inside itself all the previous memory of experience as well as the possibilities of the experiences that are to come. DNA is the hinge through which consciousness and experience expands and becomes realized.
When the species is limited, the DNA is very limited and narrowed only letting a small amount of transdimensional information through. When the species is advanced and aware of themselves in time this is because the DNA is operating at an “open” level where enough information can transfer through from multiple planes or dimensions simultaneously that self-awareness of a multi-dimensional platform can be achieved.
There are all kinds of latent creative capabilities that are unlocked when this level of self-awareness is reached. The irony of this goofy civilization, which is largely controlled for profit, is that money and technology has been used to suppress the DNA and stop people from being truly spiritually powerful and connected with the universe and the creative spirit!
They chase material goods, and give up the literal ability to create the most beautiful experiences for themselves and others together! Quite the joke that only a few laugh at.

AnkerThe Temporal Non-Locality of Genetically and Dimensionally Expanded Races

These races who have achieved sustained higher-dimensional awareness via the advanced technology as well as the capacity of interacting on a multi-dimensional layer through ‘awakened’ DNA are temporally non-local. That is, they only exist “in time” in relation to “this time” when they are to appear here and interact with us. Other than that, they are simply from “all times” and are “always” and “everywhere” at once.
Everyone is like this! This is the natural function of DNA! However, people are literally kept in a small cage-like enclosure called Earth Harmonic Universe 1 and this is due to limitations that are placed on the DNA of every sentient being in this realm by those controlling power groups. This is related to the 9-veils.

AnkerThe Inverted Nature of Temporal Non-Locality

This is something to do with time-space consciousness inversions to create a background-foreground tear-drop, inside out undulation effect that happens when the devices are turned on and one is inserted into the past.
The idea is that to have an ‘inside’ of time, to have a now, there must be an outside of time. To have the outside of time, then this must be the inverted construction of the “inside” of time, or the now. Your brain is making this background-foreground tear drop inversion of electromagnetic energies of the spirit.
Consciousness flips inside out to get from one locality to the other, kind of like a balloon turning inside out. Passing through that zero-point singularity is literally the event horizon of that flipping inside out action and this is the same as turning the universe inside out. Because everything is relative remember? So the only real motion is you against something else.
What happens when, the parameters that define all other motion, change in reference to yourself and the rest of the universe maximally across all parameter limits? This is like moving at the speed of light or moving across the entire plane of the universe simultaneously. Everything in existence turns inside out from your perspective when the energetic construct that expands like a parachute or balloon to ‘house’ your perspective literally shrinks down into an infinitesimally small point and then unwraps over itself and expands back out into the “other side”. That other side is no longer within this dimension and the expansion into that side would make the ‘tunnel’ to this universe begin to shrink away into an infinitesimally small point while the other side grows bigger and becomes the new realm. This is like a balloon turning inside out. Apparently this is how travel is actually achieved across planes, energy must enter into a singularity and fold inside itself and then unfold back out into a new dimension.
There is a singularity for every possible point of space and time in the universe. That is where part of the many-worlds theory comes from and has, in fact, been tested and applied directly. This is a slightly confusing understanding however.

AnkerThe Local-Environment

The processing centers which enable the faster-than light communication that were used to conclude that this realm was operating under the same schematics as a simulated realm also determined that this realm is only the ‘local-environment’ of the larger system which is composed of virtually unlimited layers of ‘other-environments’. An infinitesimally small fraction of these have been explored,
We are told there is only one, maybe two layers and then there are a bunch of rocks in space.
The layers are right here, multiplexed over one another on the same channel of ‘void-space’. There are virtually infinite layers, you could travel for all of time and still only cover a fraction and this has driven many men mad and then sane again….

AnkerAll Game Players are Public, Those who Harassed, Those Who Were Harassed, Everyone’s on the Same Field

Everything is recorded, so the people who were all involved in taking from society and humanity are recorded as having done so and everything is brought to the public in the future. Many people who participated in the downfall will do anything to avoid this, but this is not about that. This is literally not even about hurting anyone or bring pain and shame, this is literally about stopping the potential degradation and downfall of the human race.
Humanity is a reality generator for this realm, if humanity falls, the entire realm collapses.

This is related to the unveiling and the mass-disclosure where all these secrets are to come to the public view in order to right what has been done. This is dangerous however, because of the resulting shock upon the people and the vulnerability that this may enable.

AnkerInserted Harassment – Finding the Children

I will say here, that the large amount of harassment that is taking place is through the use of this technology to see who would be a threat to the human race in the future by holding open a channel and receiving information specifically on which children to abduct, traumatize, and torture for the purpose of stopping them from protecting the humans.
This is done so that everyone who would be extending healing to the civilization is now talking about how they were repeatedly raped and molested and witnessed murder and damnation at the hands of special interest power groups who run the world. Thus, they attempt to use the healing children as markers for the downfall of humanity.
This went on until there were so many “primes” (powerful genetics and spiritual beings) that were influenced that this threated to immediately invert the entire genetic projection of the human race into time. Thus, these parasites live off of the energy produced by the original beings. So therefore, they cannot exist without the original beings and this threatens to destroy even the parasites.
Knowing they would rather die than be found out, but knowing they also fear death the most, they are in a tight space of selling each other out and feeding on the weak of their own in an attempt to placate the population and make a large view of fake “mass-arrests” and showings to allow these events to continue on in the future.
If this continues, then that simulation system that is projected for the future, becomes the present, and then the present becomes the past and the whole cycle continues again. That is the time loop that this civilization has been trapped in due to spiritual degradation. The degradation caused destruction, the simulators led to loss of humanity, the technology replanted DNA, the DNA grew to recreate civilization, the civilization was continually harvested by the dark faction beings.
A major issue is that the “universal memory” is maxed out and will not sustain itself with another reset. Like spinning the dough around and round, one more time of that and the literal molecular congruence and quantum stability of all times, places, and perspectives (because everything is connected) will quickly and irreversibly devolve into the original prima materia raw psychic material of the entire universe. This also relates to what I share about the alchemical process of creation and regenerating a soul-awareness so that the raw psychic material can be remade into intelligent awareness.

AnkerAll Has Been Invented Already

Imagine how much could be discovered and invented if people had an endless amount of time to come up with ideas and inventions.
They sent these scientists into these time bubbles for years at a time and they come back after the entirety of one life spent in one and they invent everything they can for a given time.
Then they can be mind-wiped and sent back into another reality to do the same thing.
This is repeated and in a few years, there is a secret group (multiple groups) with technology that is thousands of years ahead of anything even conceived of publicly.

AnkerMore on Simulation and Genetics

They sent a device which can travel through time encoding information within itself like a technological organism and this carried the genetic information of humanity.
This device was sent to replace humanity on the timeline in case of a quantum emergency where humanities DNA was entangled in a paradox to the point of being erased.
This occurred and is the reason behind the variability and fragility of this civilization.
There have been many cycles and in between the destruction cycles a device was developed which would be able to send DNA back in time to restart history if a melt-down occurred.
When they invented this technology, they thought this was a one-time back up situation. They had their suspicions.
They developed the technology and deployed the technology in case the projected meltdown prediction was accurate.
They realized that they wouldn’t know if it had worked because everything would be seamlessly fitted back together. In other words, everything on the conscious perceptual level would appear to simply be life as life has always been. Only by seeing outside of this level into time and hyperspace would one have access to seeing how the two timelines had literally been stitched together through the transportation of DNA.
However. They looked backwards into time to the beginning and saw this very technology being deployed to initiate aspects of this civilization. There is evidence from the past, that we can see in the present as well.
They literally sent the technology out forward in time to stop a possible downfall situation, a quantum collapse, and looked backwards in time and saw this technology being deployed and birthing aspects of the human race.

AnkerWho Came First; Simulation or Reality

The ultimate question, man works efficiently using tools. Whether this is simple hand tools, complicated computing technology, or crystalline recording systems, knowledge can kept, organized and utilized more effectively through the use of tools. Even if a person is a farmer of the land, everything a farmer does uses tools. The question here is whether electricity is required and whether one can sustain themselves without having to buy into the system and becoming “part of the borg” so to speak.
Maybe there is a system where we could simply exist off of the fruit and plants that grow naturally, wildly and drink from flowing streams. Unless this is what you do, you already accept the use of tools at least to some degree. If you accept that, then there must be a line drawn between those tools and the advanced technology and this would be preference because as soon as one begins to shape their environment and reality using those tools they are categorized as a more advanced race rather than one who simply co-exists in the environment without any form of control whatsoever. One would also have to think about living in a cave or natural shelter and using this kind of shelter every time there is a storm. Would one be more content hanging branches to make huts, or to use tools to build a house? Would one be more content using hand tools, or to use power tools? Eventually this goes into temporal manipulation, replication, healing, etc etc so on and so forth.
This is the question because people think if this is not a necessity that they’re being tricked into such a system and will lose their souls if they utilize advanced technology. Others believe that this is the only way to experience the true nature of the universe and maintain a physical existence as well. Possibly one life is parallel to the other and they may intertwine at times. Some people may experience cybernetic entanglement, others may experience purely organic and the two may intertwine at different epochs in history.
However, there is truth to the notion that we are already cyborg to some degree. Cyborg refers to the classification of a ‘cybernetic organism’, that’s an organism who’s functions are largely or in part adapted to the use of cybertronics. That is, through the use of electronic control systems. In part, there are already computer chips largely guiding behavior and consciousness and from the start, people are already electrical beings who’s very personality is guided by a neuro-chemical bio-electric complex known as the brain and nervous system. Everything here is electrical and filtered through that. One system is organic and one system is technological and silicon based. Spirit exists outside of that system however.
So comes the question again, is humanity purely organic or is the very definition of an organic being intertwined with the very nature of cybernetics? Is the organism simply a form of bio-cybernetics? How about with the smart technology that has been invented?

Cybernetic Universe or Organic Being?

Is the universe at large a complex cybernetic system that is neither wholly organic nor wholly cold and machine-like? Would the very definition of the parts of an organism which serves to produce life yet also electrical computing capabilities also classify as an ‘organic’ cybernetic organism? For the universe at large to hold both computers and organic beings, the universe too must share qualities of both. Therefore the universe at large is a kind of living cybernetic organism which produces life.
Now, again, the question returns. Since man works well with tools. Which came first? Man? Or machine? At least one timeline was spawned by the generator system which replanted DNA in early history, but this is not the original occurrence.

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