Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nice Try, Dante Santori

 DS AHK <>
Date: 13 February 2017 at 15:33:25 GMT+4
Subject: Stop the HATE. Feel LOVE.
We HOPE sometime this year for me and Anna to be able to have a wedding party. Finally.
YOU are invited. You and your close family of course (wife/girlfriend/kids).
If we can do it this year we will arrange for you to come to us. 
We will pay for plane tickets, hotel, pick you up at the airport, etc.
We, at this time, are NOT sure where it will take place. 
Maybe in Tomar (Portugal)...maybe Torino or Bolzano (Italy)...maybe France...or even Russia.
No matter the will have a strong Templar Knight connection. 
And presence.
We will let you know.
Love you.

Really? Don't you think that some of the kids would be pretty pissed off, since we are blocked individuals on your "holy" g+ but invited to your wedding? To your disciples that might be a slap in the face when the evil traitors show up. In general, we are done with giving our energy and power to external sources, it does not matter if they call themselves angels, gods and goddesses. They are all part of the false light matrix.

You really don't get it, do you?

Why would this even be a reason to celebrate:
Birth, death and marriage

certificates, driving licences, and

passports, land certificates and

office copies of registers or title


are all subject to Crown Copyright - The Triple Crown, Vatican, City of London, Washington DC

Oh, I forgot, the Templars, who brought us our criminal banking system, are very ok with the Triple Crown.
Nobody is sucking on your tits, because you never revealed any deep spiritual meaning.

Good Luck

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