Thursday, February 16, 2017

There Are No Spies Among Dante Santori's Followers

I have noticed that the followers of Dante are in paranoia mode. Screenshots are being requested of conversations with a certain young man. Who is/are the fuckers in our circles? I have not dropped you, I have you all on following, I need to clear my mind. I want retribution. Just to give a few examples.

Painful and funny at the same time.

Painful because there is no such thing as spies or fuckers. Establishing a correct timeline would have helped. Just because an individual no longer gives +1 does not mean he or she is gone. The logical thing to do would be to remember when somebody was blocked and what conversations took place before that. Too hard?

How do I know about the conversations mentioned above? Piece of cake, it is called technology. Let's put it this way, public is public, no matter what you are telling yourself.

Other things have been given away by Dante himself, like this email:

From: DS AHK <>
Date: 2 February 2017 at 18:44:56 GMT+4
Subject: the lights are on, but....
we are having a good laugh at your expense. thank you. cheers

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